You are currently viewing Top 5 Best Crypto Exchanges 2022. So, you love the idea of ​​crypto trading… |  by Qryptography |  Coinmonks |  Aug, 2022

Top 5 Best Crypto Exchanges 2022. So, you love the idea of ​​crypto trading… | by Qryptography | Coinmonks | Aug, 2022

So, you love the idea of crypto trading and earning money in the fastest and easiest way. I also do because I absolutely love to trade crypto and earn a lot of money from it. That’s why I have compiled this list of the top 5 best Crypto Exchanges 2022 for day traders with the best features, reliabilityand low fees!

Best of all, you can even start for free with some of these, don’t believe me? then try them for yourself!

Go through my last article in which I explained what crypto trading is: click here.

Even if you love to trade, we must make sure that we make the most out of a crypto exchange. Also we should avoid paying huge fees, as a trader, our goal is to maximize our profits as much as we can.

So let’s begin with the top 5 best Crypto Exchanges 2022!

best crypto exchanges 2022
trade on stormgain

Introduction to Stormgain: Stormgain is a cryptocurrency exchange where we can buy/sell, trade and exchange cryptocurrencies. It is known to have the highest leverage on the market which is up to 500x leverage! It is potentially one of the most great way to earn crypto even for free. If you want to dive into the crypto trading world and want a free start Stormgain can be one of the best and highest paying options out there. It is also a cloud mining application which allows you to earn money by clicking a button every 4 hours!

Features of Stormgain:

  1. Cloud mining: Stormgain allows you to mine crypto for free without using your computer resources, which means all the mining will be done in their hardware and wont affect your hardware, its cloud mining is a very great way to start crypto trading for free.
  2. Max leverage: Stormgain allows you to use a leverage up to 500x which is the highest possible leverage compared to any other crypto exchange, Stormgain has the highest leverage in the whole crypto market. Make sure to use leverage responsibly as like we can make 500x faster profits, we can also make 500x faster losses.
  3. Unlocked Staking: Stormgain allows you to do unlocked staking, classic staking, with unlocked staking unlike you can earn interest on crypto buy you can close it at any time. In classic staking you need to lock crypto for a particular amount of time and earn interest, in unlocked staking you can choose to close the staking at any time and still earn the interest!
  4. Classic staking: Stormgain also allows you to do classic staking, in which you can earn interest by locking crypto for a particular period of time. It cant be closed unlocked staking. If we close it we wont get interest we must lock it for the required time to get the interest.

How to Signup:

Click here to signup to Stormgain and get a 3 usdt signup bonus in your free miner account, you will also get another 5 usdt bonus for clicking the mining button a particular number of times within the first 100 hours, you will get total $8 bonus, you can get another $2 by clicking the button for 1 week, then after you have $10 you can start crypto trading for absolutely free!

Trustpilot Reviews(4.3 star rating):

As you read above Stormgain has so many benefits that’s why it deserves a spot in the Top 5 best Crypto Exchanges 2022!

trade on kucoin

Introduction to Kucoin: Kucoin is a cryptocurrency exchange where we can buy/sell, trade and exchange cryptocurrencies. Kucoin is famous for its low trading fees. It has alot of crypto earning opportunities. It offers both spot and futures trading. Kucoin offers a lot of bonuses as well. Its has a Kucoin earn section which allows us to earn stable interest on cryptocurrencies. Kucoin is the 4th largest cryptocurrency exchange in the whole world!

Features of Kucoin:

  1. Kucoin Future trading: Kucoin allows you to do trading with 100x leverage. Which means we can magnify our profits up to 100x , use leverage carefully as we can also have a 100x faster loss like we can have a 100x faster profit.
  2. Kucoin Earn: Kucoin has a earn section which allow us to earn stable profits on several cryptocurrencies , some cryptocurrency have a very high APY(Annual percentage yield) , you can earn interest on stable coins up to even 35% , it is just like staking but reliable even better interest rates.
  3. Kucoin Cloud Mining: Kucoin has a cloud mining features which allows us to mine cryptocurrency without draining our computer resources , unlike Stormgain, this cloud mining is not free and requires you to invest some money into it, but it can give a nice ROI(Return on Investment) that’s why the cloud mining can be a worth it thing to look into.
  4. Kucoin Trading Bots: Kucoin offers us with 5 different types of crypto trading bots, trading bots are bots which can trade for us, they have certain algorithms that can automate trading for us. Which means with the help of Kucoin we are able to trade without trading ourselves! Kucoin Offers some of the best crypto trading bots in the market right now, they are definitely a thing you should get into.

How to Signup:

Click here to signup to Kucoin and get up to $500 worth of signup bonuses! Go to the Kucoin rewards hub to get some extra bonuses. You will earn extra bonuses on deposits. There is also a KCS bonus in which they give you more bonuses for holding their Kucoin token.

Forbes Reviews(4.3 stars rating):

trade on bybit

Introduction to Bybit: Bybit is a cryptocurrency exchange where we can buy/sell, trade and exchange cryptocurrencies. Bybit is one of the most famous trading platforms out there. Bybit is known to give thousands of dollars worth of bonuses and giveaways. Bybit is also known for its lower fees compared to some other competitors.

Features of Bybit:

  1. Bybit Margin Trading: Bybit offers trading with leverage which is called margin trading. Bybit offers up to 100x leverage, but use leverage responsibly, just like we can get 100x faster profits, we can also get 100x faster losses.
  2. Bybit Earn: Bybit also offers a Bybit Earn section where there are various ways to earn, and you can also stake crypto and earn stable interest on staking. Also there is a Bybit Savings Account in which we can get fixed interest APY(Annual Percentage Yield), so the Bybit Earn section is definitely a great way to earn passive cryptocurrencies easily.
  3. Bybit CopyTrading: Bybit offers CopyTrading which is one of the best features of Bybit, with CopyTrading you can copy the trades of experienced traders, which means that you pay a small commission to experienced traders, and you will trade how they are trading automatically! This can give potentially very high ROI(Return on Investment) so I can definitely say that its a perfect way to trade for beginners!
  4. Bybit Trading Bot: Bybit also offers trading bots, just like Kucoin does, this way you can use bots to automate your trades, the bots will buy and sell for you, you won’t need to do anything, its like passive income clicking a button, and Bybit bots are very reliable, which makes them a great way to earn cryptocurrency passively.

How to Signup:

Click here to signup for Bybit and get up to $3230 worth of signup bonuses!

Cryptoisser Reviews(4.4 stars rating):

trade on

Introduction to is a cryptocurrency exchange where we can buy/sell, trade and exchange cryptocurrencies. is one of the best platforms that you can start with to begin your crypto earning journey. also has very low trading fees which are awesome, and it offers very nice features to earn crypto passively.

Features of

  1. Brokerage Margin Trading: has a brokerage which offers margin trading, which means we can maximize our profits with leverage. But make sure to use the leverage feature carefully as it increases the speed of both profits and losses and must be done carefully to be profitable.
  2. Classic staking: offers classic crypto staking in which we can lock cryptocurrencies for a particular amount of time and earn fixed interest APY(Annual Percentage Yield). has quite good interest rates up to 50% in some cryptocurrencies, its a great place for beginners to start staking cryptocurrencies.
  3. Savings Account: offers a savings account in which we can earn stable interest for just holding cryptocurrencies in that account, you can earn from 1%-20% APY(Annual Percentage Yield) which is very nice as its automatic passive income in which we don ‘t even do anything and get paid!
  4. Affiliate Program: offers a very nice affiliate program, if you don’t know what an affiliate program is, it is simply a way to earn commissions by referring someone, so if you refer someone to you will earn up to 30% of the trading fees on the trades that they make! is one of the best crypto affiliate programs out there, and is one that you should definitely look into promoting.

How to Signup:

Click here to signup for for free!

Trustpilot Reviews(4.7 stars rating):

5. Changelly

trade on changelly

Introduction to Changelly: Changelly is a cryptocurrency exchange where we can buy/sell, trade and exchange cryptocurrencies.. Changelly is one of the most famous crypto exchange out there and a lot of people all around the world are using it. , Changelly doesn’t require identity verification so anyone can signup without revealing their identity. So Changelly is a great platform for beginners.

Features of Changelly:

  1. Changelly Buy/Sell: Changelly offers a buy/sell option in which we can buy crypto by using our fiat currencies like us dollar, euro etc. to get crypto in exchange of that. Also we can sell crypto which means if we have any crypto in our account and we want to convert it into fiat currencies, with Changelly we can directly withdraw it to our debit cards which is very great as we can directly get money to our card.
  2. Changelly Margin Trading: Changelly offers margin trading in which we can trade cryptocurrencies with leverage, Changelly offers up to 10x leverage which is not too high, but it is perfect as it will give us 10x more profits, more higher leverages are always riskier, we should prefer to use 10x-15x leverage while trading. Use leverage responsibly or you might lose all your money.
  3. Changelly Exchange: Changelly offers an exchange in which we can very simply exchange one crypto to another crypto in the click of a button. Changelly offers some of the lowest fees in their direct exchange compared to many other exchanges platforms.
  4. Changelly Affiliate Program: Changelly has one of the most ultimate affiliate programs in the crypto industry, they offer you up to 50% share of the fees that your referred users will pay! Changelly is one of those affiliate programs that can earn you the most money in the crypto niche. I highly highly recommend you to join Changelly awesome affiliate program and anyone can join for free!

How to Signup:

Click here to signup to Changelly for free!

Trustpilot Reviews(4.6 stars rating):

So hopefully after reading the above article about the top 5 best crypto exchanges 2022, you will be able to finally conclude that which exchange would be the best for you, just choose the exchange that you think will fulfill your needs the most. Also try choosing some exchange that has lower fees, more features and more reliability. If you have any question related to any exchange, definitely ask in the comments down below, I will definitely reply to all of your comments, have a nice day!

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