You are currently viewing The Future Of Crypto/NFT’s (We Must Resist CBDC’s) 🪙 |  by The Dudes Crypto |  Coinmonks |  Sep 2022

The Future Of Crypto/NFT’s (We Must Resist CBDC’s) 🪙 | by The Dudes Crypto | Coinmonks | Sep 2022

Take everything said here as speculation and always DYOR…

If society doesn’t begin to recognize (quickly) that the powers that be do NOT have the best interest of humanity at heart, then I wholeheartedly believe that blockchain, the amazing technology that it is, will be used against us for more control, Profits, and manipulation in favor of big brother.

Why do we like crypto? Some degens (right now) may say “for the profits, bro!!” but that high level of volatility will begin to stabilize in the near future once mass adoption occurs, or is forced upon us, and those massive quick gains may have come to an end in a way…

We may like crypto because it’s extremely fast to send, in some cases instantly, or because it’s “anonymous”…

Others may like that they can send crypto (currency), no questions asked, to anyone, anywhere in the world for any good or service as long as they accept crypto.

No matter the reason why you’re involved in the crypto/web3/NFT/blockchain space, the fact that remains that someday in the very near future, our governments (big brother) will be transitioning into a paperless society where we’ll “own nothing and be happy”…

What’s cheaper than having to print paper money, exchange gold/silver, hire accountants to run numbers, or trade cattle??? Blockchain algorithms that say 100% yes or no to a transaction depending on the boundaries you set (code) it to have.

Do we really think that big brother DOESN’T want this kind of society where they don’t have to “man the system” in a sense… where they can have algorithms be the gatekeepers for an entire financial system, which usually requires 1000’s of employees to maintain? Of course they want this!
Less cost for them, more control, 100% yes/no robotic actions, 100% of people will pay their “taxes” that they enforce on us, and they will be in complete control of how/where/what/why/when people spend their own money…

Before we accept the bribes that big brother will inevitably “give to us” (nothing is free…) for using their CBDC’s, we must sit and truly ask ourselves if we want this system to completely control our money supply or not…

They will have the power (in the near future) to do what China is already doing… implement a social credit system in their CBDC’s where if you aren’t an “outstanding citizen” you can get points deducted from your credit scores and may not be eligible to buy certain goods or services that may be required to survive…

The way I see the future is that the WEF/WHO/FED and all other 3 letter banksters who run the world will be issuing “basic income allowances” to people… As we’ve seen in covid time, this happened… where they straight up gave every citizen thousands of dollars… This isn’t because they truly care about us and want to help us… NO… it’s because they want us to become completely reliant on them for everything… Because when we rely on something/someone else to support us, we no longer hold the power.

The only way I can foresee out of this dystopian future for crypto is if we DON’T let big brother control/regulate the blockchain.

Imagine when the WEF says that “If we catch a wallet address sending bitcoin or any other, non-accepted, cryptocurrency to another address, we have the authority to track down the IP address of the sender, send government officials to your house, and arrest you(or worse… )…”

In this scenario, we’d all practically be forced to ONLY use their digital currency… This is where we’re heading if we don’t stand up to big brother and say that we no longer recognize their authority to control/regulate OUR world economic.

How would big brother propose to bring in this new economic system? If I had to put money on it, I’d bet they’d wait for, or more likely create, an event where people will be left looking for leadership… Like a major economic crash/pandemic/war etc… (something to incite fear) and when we’re in the most need, they’ll give us THEIR solution, the final solution…

I ask you this… WHO is ANYONE to tell anyone else that they can or can’t buy anything they want?!?! Nobody should have power over anyone else as we are all one.

In the name of freedom, RESIST! ✊🏼



I can’t stress this enough! Be extremely vigilant and aware of every link you click, every transaction you make, and every person you interact with, as scammers are plentiful in the space, and rugs get pulled from even the best-looking of projects.

Triple-check all links before you click them and make sure they’re the official link you’re seeking. Also, triple-check all wallet address’s before sending anything valuable to yourself or someone else.

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Ty, aka “The Dude”

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