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The DeltaPrime Protocol.. How DeltaPrime will benefit you. | by DeltaPrime | Coinmonks

By now you know what we care about and how we measure our success. And I hear you thinking: “Alright, but what do you guys DO?”. Fret no more, this article will tell you exactly what we do and how we manage to do so. As your personal Prime Broker, it all boils down to providing:

  • Undercollateralized loans
  • Your personal safebox
  • Your crypto homepage
  • Incredible efficiency

Let’s get into it.

Undercollateralized loans

Requiring deposits to be higher than loans is bad for our ecosystem as well as individual investors. This is why we offer users undercollateralized loans. As an example: With a deposit of $100 worth of assets, you can borrow up to $500 worth of assets. On top of that you can fully use your loan and your deposit to invest with. Convenient for you, and good for the cashflow of our ecosystem, benefiting everyone.

With every loan we provide, we are one step closer to unlock the blockchain.

Your personal safebox

To achieve maximum security, collateral is not pooled. Instead, every loan creates a new smart contract, acting as your personal safebox. This is where the borrowing, as well as the collateral is sent to. You as an investor have control as to where the funds in your safebox get invested in within the platform. The smart contract will keep track of your (un)realized gains and losses. Did you make gains — great, as it’s now yours to take out as profit if you choose! If you made a loss, the smart contract recalculates the total value of your loan against your collateral. Should the loan be 5 times the amount of your collateral or more, your loan is considered “insolvent”.

For your protection, the smart contract will never allow you to perform an action which would directly make your loan insolvent. Of course, your loan could still become insolvent due to price movement. If you end up with an insolvent loan, to ensure your debt doesn’t outgrow your collateral, the community can regain control over the safebox by liquidating part of insolvent positions. In return the community will be rewarded with a percentage of the amount liquidated. This provides borrowers the peace of mind that they will never lose more than their collateral. Simultaneously, this ensures capital providers of full loan repayment.

Your crypto homepage

So you can use the borrowed funds only within the platform. Does that mean that the platform is extensive enough to cater to all your investment needs? Yes, yes and for good measure, yes; This is exactly where the “Prime” in “DeltaPrime” comes in. As to your personal crypto Prime Brokerage account, we intend not only to provide you with a margin trading opportunity, but with a plethora of services, being built out one-by-one.


  • Leveraged Staking
  • Advanced Staking
  • Leveraged liquidity provision
  • Cross-margin trading
  • One-spot trading opportunity with Pangolin, TraderJoe & SushiSwap
  • One-spot fund overview

Previous centralized success stories like FTX and Coinbase show that investors love the advanced tools and leverage that prime brokerages bring. The value in a homepage filled with opportunity is clear. Yet at the same time, the massive growing popularity of DeFi shows that we also crave the security, transparency and efficiency that decentralization brings. DeltaPrime combines the best of both worlds, providing you with decentralized investment opportunities, the Prime way.

This is why DeltaPrime is not your regular broker, it is your crypto homepage. The place from where you handle all your crypto trades and investments, simple and intuitive.

Incredible efficiency

Or let me rephrase that: simple, intuitive, blazingly fast, low-cost and eco-friendly. Where we make sure DeltaPrime is easy-to-use, for the latter three we may thank Avalanche. DeltaPrime is on protocol Avalanche, therefore making use of the novel Snowman consensus. Providing higher security, speed and efficiency than other protocols, you are ensured that your funds are completely safe while transactions get through in under one second (*cough* Ethereum). All the while, thanks to the increased efficiency, your gas-fee is as low as several cents per transaction.

Exactly how do we guarantee efficiency in our code (technical information incoming)? We do this by making use of a beaconProxy pattern in contract deployment. This enables us to isolate individual contracts from the more complex, expensive logic, leading to way lower gas costs. As for the oracle, we partnered up with RedStone. By receiving asset-information on-demand, instead of your usual continuous stream, with RedStone we only pay for the actual information we need, when we need it. This greatly improves efficiency and reduces gas costs in the process.

We are also partnered with Avalanche. Apart from the immense help their grant program provides, their expertise in the crypto space is a blessing to our progress. They make sure we have exactly the right tools and knowledge to bring this project to full fruition. We, on our turn, make sure this project provides a benefit to the whole Avalanche ecosystem. This includes you. By depositing and borrowing funds through DeltaPrime, you help unlock the full potential of the blockchain. On top of that, you help unlock funds for yourself, you didn’t even know you had.

That is the power of DeltaPrime.

Welcome to the family.

DeltaPrime is your prime broker on a mission to unlock the full potential of DeFi. We accomplish this by providing secure undercollateralized loans, redestributing assets with a focus on maximum fund utility. Being built on the strong foundation of the Avalanche network, our investors are ensured of fast and reliable transactions for their most important investments.

Be sure to check us out!

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