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Non-technical Opportunities in NFTs | Transitioning into Tech II | by Ngozi-Olehi Munachimso | Coinmonks

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This article is written on the premise that the reader is knowledgeable about NFTs. However, if you are new to NFTs, click here to read my article on NFTs for beginners.

It is no more a fallacy that NFTs have great potential. Whether presumed to be a scam or not, results have proven NFTs to be one “easy” way to build generational wealth.

You buy or create an NFT today, and after a few months, it is worth thousands to millions of dollars.

With the record-breaking, wealth creation potential in flipping NFTs, it is not news that almost everyone wants to know how these things work and how to make money from flipping NFTs.

However, the NFT space offers more opportunities than making money by flipping NFTs. Just like every new technological innovation/trend, the NFT space comes with new opportunities to create steady streams of income.

It provides an avenue to explore creativity and soft skills, placing you in a position to work and interact with people from different parts of the world.

To make the most out of the NFT space, you must understand how the NFT market works, why some NFTs are valued for such a high amount, and how NFT projects come to life.

To understand all these, you must position yourself strategically in the space by getting involved.

At the core of decentralized solutions using blockchain are communities.
– Moses Samuel

To understand how these NFT projects come to life, you must be a member of their communities. You have to have to join their discord and telegram channels, as well as follow their social media handles, as all their announcements are made there.

Non-technical opportunities in the NFT space include:

Community Management.

To get paid or stand a higher chance of getting NFTs for free, apply for the position of Community Manager.

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The Community Manager stands as the voice of the organization and an intermediary between the founders and their audience, for the purpose of engagement, community support, and managing communication between founders and audience.

The Community Manager also takes care of the organization’s digital presence to build, manage, and grow the online presence of the organization.

For a simpler explanation, the community manager handles questions from members of the community, eases onboarding experiences for new members, and makes the necessary announcements in the community.

The pay is good and you stand a higher chance of earning community tokens or being given free NFTs as these projects come to life.


As NFT projects come to life, they require copywriters to create copy for marketing purposes, copies that sell.

This is one of the many ways writing pays, and a proof that the skill of writing will remain relevant in decades to come.

As a member of any NFT community, you can offer value by applying to be a copywriter. The role of a copywriter is to write copies for marketing their projects, boosting sales, and convincing your audience to take action.

You do not have to be born with the talent of writing to make money from copywriting. Learn how to write copies. Master the skill of copywriting. There are numerous online courses on copywriting.

If you do not have the funds to buy a course, start with reading articles or watching YouTube videos on how to write copies. You can only gain massively from this space when you give value back.

Content Writing/ Content Marketing.

The role of a content writer is to create posts with the purpose of educating and informing the audience on what the project entails, as well as answering specific questions from the audience concerning the project.

By imploring storytelling skills, you educate the audience about the project, why they should join, and how to take action. This is done to drive profitable action from the audience, to buy the NFT, or join the community to boost community growth.


If you are looking to take your writing to the next level, you should consider turning your writeups into NFTs.

How do I do that?

Using you can write articles and turn them into NFTs.

However, because NFTs are more about the perceived value of the item, you might consider starting out with writing original words of famous writers, artists, or people who have written their names in the sands of time.

For the sake of authenticity, originality, and scarcity, they are more likely to sell out than the work of a less-known person.

Just like the original version of the NFT of Mona Lisa and paintings of Picasso sold out, works of good, famous historians have a higher value than ordinary people.

Mona Lisa

You can also write and launch an online course (preferably an ebook) about NFTs. You can write an NFT-themed newspaper or blog, educating people about NFTs.

Being a writer makes you a thought-leader, and by writing consistently about NFTs, you become an authority in the space. This makes people see you as an expert and one to rely on for good advice concerning NFTs.

Graphic Design/ Image Art.

Have you been an avid lover of art? You love to paint, draw, and just let your imaginations run wild as your fingers make magic on empty canvases.

Sadly, the primitive educational system which we still use told you that you cannot go far with all that because the world does not value it anymore.

NFTs introduce you to a world where you can freely explore your creativity and earn millions to live the dream life you want.

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Whether you are building with a community to create their NFT projects or you are creating your own NFTs, this is a chance to explore your creativity without limits or naysayers.

NFTs in this context are living proof that you can convert your passion to profit; that you can afford your dream life by doing what you love.


There are various opportunities in the NFT space to explore and maximize. However, you must approach these with a mindset of value.

A wise man once said, “those who pursue money never make money. Those who pursue purpose and value attract money”.

The worst mindset about NFTs is looking for a cheap NFT to buy and flip. As I mentioned earlier, NFTs are priced based on their perceived value. You do not want to spend the money you do not have to chase empty and worthless projects.

Meticulously do your own research and make decisions based on your findings not on the advice of another person. You do not want to fall victim to NFT scams as there are already many out there.

Click here if you need a guide on how to start your NFT journey.

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