You are currently viewing My portfolio that I think will make a millionaire in 2023. |  by Özcan Cansız |  Coinmonks |  Sep 2022

My portfolio that I think will make a millionaire in 2023. | by Özcan Cansız | Coinmonks | Sep 2022

Today is September 21, 2022 and the FED has increased interest rates by 75 points. No other surprises are expected this year. Considering that the full war scenarios are very close, in fact, the last quarter of 2022 and the year 2023 will be quite complicated. However, I have already created a portfolio for 2023 and I think it will leave a very good income at the level of making a millionaire in 1 year, at the latest 2 years. The list I have created here, Not Financial Advice.
While choosing the coins, I made a basket because besides the high risk coins, I also chose the coins with lower risk and high market cap. Let’s look at the coins in order:

FTT, the coin of the FTX exchange, is the 24th largest coin ($3.2 billion) with an instant Market Cap. He currently has a value of $79 registered as FTT ATH with a value of 24. I think he will see $200 very easily in a possible big rise. America will increase the coin, which I see as the new BNB, with great support.

Near is ranked 25th after FTT. With a market cap of $3.14 billion, NEAR is currently $4. At the beginning of this year, it had the opportunity to attract quite a lot of investors by making a big rise and increased its value up to $20. NEAR, which has great expectations in the next rally, is one of the ones that will make the big rise made by SOL and AVAX in my opinion.

Egld is ranked 44th. Elrond, which has a market cap of $1.12 billion, is the second of the coin pairs, which I think will increase like sol and avax in the next rally. (I wrote the first one as NEAR).

GT, the coin of the exchange, where potential coins like Binance’s youth team rise and are listed on major exchanges such as Binance and Coinbase, is currently $4.26 and is very cheap in my eyes. As long as the stock market is progressing steadily, there is no reason for it to go up to $50–60 in two years. In fact, this is one of the coins I expect a surprise from.

  • Ethereum Name Service (ENS)

ENS, which I discovered when it was at the level of 6 dollars and added to my list, is currently trading at the level of 14 dollars. ENS, where name sales transactions take place on the Ethereum network, will make a larger rise with the rise of the market. With the increase of Ethereum, it will increase very quickly. In my opinion, it will not take even a year for it to reach $100.

The second coin I expect surprise is SUSHI, the coin belonging to Sushi Swap. This place is also developing steadily and $1.08 is really a cookie money for this place. Considering what it has done, it would not be a utopian expectation to expect it to be in the top 80 (currently at the 158th place) in terms of Market Cap and double digits in value as soon as possible.

It’s time for a coin that tests patience with its investor. TLM, which did not make big movements after experiencing a big drop and showed quite horizontal movements, is one of the 2 coins with the lowest percentage in my portfolio. But this coin, which I chose as a big risk, saw $ 7.19 1.5 years ago and its current value is 0.022. Even approaching the ATH value does more than 100x. That’s why I think it would be logical to take a small amount of risk and see it.

The last coin in my cart, ERN, is the second coin I see as the riskiest, so I added it to my cart with a low percentage. Considering its ATH value is $74.19 and its current value is 1.47, I think there is 100x potential in a rally. When choosing these projects, being listed on Coinbase is an important criterion for me. In addition to these, I examine the projects and evaluate them by looking at whether they have a contribution to technology. ERN has been added to the list as a coin that these passes criteria and can be taken at risk.

Here are the coins in the basket I created. I will look at their values ​​again next year and I will update this article when I become a millionaire 🙂 You can write in the comments if there is a coin or project that you want me to evaluate or talk about. Thank you for reading :):)

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