You are currently viewing MEXC Global is changing the Crypto Exchange game |  by Maggie N. |  Coinmonks |  Nov, 2022

MEXC Global is changing the Crypto Exchange game | by Maggie N. | Coinmonks | Nov, 2022

Amid all the chaos and drama in the crypto space, there could be a silver lining.

Well, I’ve been digging around, while you’ve been busy following the trends and politics…haha!! (Just kidding!)

And guess what, I come bearing gifts, yet it’s not even Christmas. Because that’s what’s MEXC Global trading is all about.

Just in case, you’ve been distracted by other crypto trading exchanges, and have no idea about MEXC Global , I’ll let it slide; but you’ll have to make it to the end of this article. It’s literally the least you can do. Deal?

Well, unknown to you, these MEXC guys have been here since 2018.

I just checked their trading volume in the last 24 hours on Coingecko (as of 9/11/2022), and believe it or not these guys have a staggering $2,711,948,603 in trading volume.

They boast of a user-base of about 10 million users, offering one-stop services including Spot, Margin, Leveraged ETFs, Staking and Derivatives trading.

And allow me to surprise you. Did you know that MEXC had already listed 1652 crypto assets and 1770 trading pairs way before Binance and Coinbase? Yes!

And don’t even get me started with how the exchange successfully discovered Avalanche, Polkadot, Solana, Polygon, Aave, Uniswap, The Sandbox, Gala, Decentraland, Shib, Gala and other sub-track leading projects. Add that to the fact that it completes 1.4 million transactions per second.

Point is MEXC Global have beendoing itand still are. Even to the point of winning theBest Cryptocurrency Exchange in Asiatitle in October, 2021.

And if you’d like to tap into the world of GameFi and NFT, MEXC could be your ideal platform. This is after the exchange released a report on October 31st, 2022 stating that its NFT and GameFi tracks are the best performing tracks this year.

According to the report, among the debut projects, 150 projects have increased by more than 10%; 65 projects have increased between 10% and 100% and 86 projects have increased by more than 100%.

Oh and they’ve been on this upward trend since 2021, and one could easily tell that MEXC definitely has a great future.

Fan tokens are becoming a thing, especially with the World Cup, just a few days away. And MEXC was quick to jump on this space.

Since August 2022, the LAZIO fan token listed on MEXC has a maximum gain of over 814%. Additionally, SNFT (The Spanish National Football Team Fan Token) had a rise of 2075% and ITA (The Italian Football Federation Fan Token) recording the highest increase of 4550%.

FYI, MEXC and Binance are the “kingsof fan tokens having listed the most fan tokens among exchanges.

MEXC is an all-round great exchange platform, however, its liquidity is what has sent tongues wagging in the crypto space.

It’s what would be defined asout-of-this-worldliquidity.

Don’t believe me, just take a look at this charts…

Futures Liquidity
Liquidity ETFs

I bet I’m warming up to you now…huh?

The MX Token

Binance has BNB, Kucoin has KCS and MEXC Global has the MX token. MX token is an equity certificate in the MEXC ecosystem giving holders 10% off on trading fees.

It has a total supply of 450 million MX, and primarily 40% of the MEXC platform profit is used to buy back and destroy MX tokens.

Essentially, token holders participate in launchpad, voting, governance, and staking.

If you’re yet to include MX token in your portfolio, you could be missing out on the ultimate crypto gem.

The growth potential observed in MX token should be your key focus. The token just gave investors a ROI of 1152% back in 2021. What does this mean?

It means that it’s still early for you to grab these tokens before they explode. And now is the time. The MX token currently trades at $0.878138 as of 10/11/2022.

And if you feel like you missed the boat on BNB, MX token could be the “it” project for you.

Here’s a chart showing the growth of MX token against BNB in ​​2021

mexc global crypto exchange

You can effectively put your MX tokens into use in the following scenarios:

  • Deduction of spot trading fees– MX tokens are used to reduce your trading fees (10% off)
  • LaunchpadOn Launchpad, MX token holders get an all exclusive, low-cost opportunity to invest early in projects.
  • MX DeFi– MX token holders can also stake MX tokens and get new project tokens mining rewards.

And that’s not all, as MX Token 2.0, could hit these crypto streets any time soon, as the proposals are already in place.

In order to support the evolution of the MEXC ecosystem and MX 2.0, proposals have been designed primarily derived from the suggestions of members of the MX community.

Proposal A

  1. MEXC Foundation Reserve: 100,000,000 MX Token
  2. MEXC Labs: 250,000,000 MX Token
  3. MEXC Strategic Partnership: 100,000,000 MX Token
  4. MEXC Foundation Reserve: 100,000,000 MX Token

Proposal B:

  1. MEXC Labs: 150,000,000 MX Token
  2. MEXC Strategic Partnership: 100,000,000 MX Token
  3. Immediate Burn: 100,000,000 MX Token

All this is in an attempt to provide MX token holders with the most value.

Projects debuted on MEXC

Unknown to you, MEXC in 2021 debuted 5 projects that ranked in the top 10 project list. These projects that went live on MEXC include:

  1. SHIB on 4/16/2021
  2. GALA on 6/7/2021
  3. FTM on 10/6/2019
  4. S.O.L. on 7/8/2020
  5. MANA on 5/2/2020

SHIB, GALA, AXS, SAND, MATIC, FTM, SOL, ONE and MANA are the projects that have all achieved the highest ROI in the entire crypto market. And they all debuted on MEXC.

The subsequent ROIs are shown below:

  • SHIB- 106363536%
  • GALA – 47854%
  • AXS-29650%
  • SAND, MATIC, LUNA, FTM & SOL – over 16,000% ROI

MEXC Product Advantages

  1. SpotAccess to various trading currencies, and also the fastest launching process platform. It also supports more than 1200 crypto transactions. Additionally, MEXC boasts of being the first stop for high quality projects to launch.
  2. futureadvantages– MEXC Futures just became the first ever Crypto platform to support a 1-second interval chart for USDT-M Futures of BTC and ETH as of October 25, 2022. Users can access the feature on both web and mobile.

I don’t know about you, but I would definitely define that as a win.

And you guessed it, the liquidity on MEXC Futures is the first in the world, with great depth and with the most tradable currencies. It has more than 120 trading pairs.

MEXC Global Cryptoexchange (1-second interval on MEXC Futures)

3. Leveraged ETF– Currently MEXC Leveraged ETFs is no. 1 in terms of trading volume, with more than 300 tradeable currencies.

Service Advantage

  1. 24/7 customer support– We all know the hustle that comes with other exchanges like Binance, when it comes to customer support. Well, with MEXC you can be assured of access to a friendly customer care service out to meet the needs of its users.
  2. Community angels and staffMEXC has adopted a community approach having its community angels and staff distributed in more than 20 countries and regions. This is in an effort to have a more personalized approach to solve users encountered transaction problems.


There’s currently so much heat in the crypto space. Nevertheless, in the long run, you’ll need a safe and secure crypto exchange. And that’s where MEXC comes in.

MEXC has all the elements that any crypto enthusiast/trader would need. And with that insane liquidity, what else would you be looking for?

The exchange has literally been designed for your success. And that’s all you need.

If you made it to the end of this article, well congratulations, as you just hit the jackpot.

You can now open a MEXC account with this link and have access to $1000 USDT worth of bonuses.

Yes, you are welcomed!

Disclaimer: This article is intended for educational purposes only and should not be construed as an investment advice.

Affiliate Disclosure: This blog post may contain affiliate links.

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