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“The Rockefeller Bot (or Rocky) is the world’s first “fully on-chain” AI trading bot. This means that Rocky is both trustless and autonomous, making decisions by himself without a central authority, much like a DeFi protocol. Using zero-knowledge cryptography, proofs of Rocky’s trading model — his brains, his model inputs — his diet, his model weights — his mood, are all logged and validated on the Ethereum blockchain. This is possible thanks to StarkNet, Starkware’s [StarkWare brings scalability and privacy to blockchains with zero-knowledge STARK proofs.] impressive L2 roll-up.” Modulus Labs

Cryptocurrency is a natural progression of technological breakthroughs. Such breakthroughs would be celebrated if they were in any other area of ​​finance. Technology is changing the world, and Rocky represents technology’s push to change the world of finance.

“The steady removal of government restrictions on the mobility of capital has created

repeated opportunities for managers of financial resources to make ever-larger profits for

themselves and their customers as a global securities market has emerged.”

History of financial globalization CW Calomiris, L. Neal, Columbia University

While Rocky alone does not threaten the financial market, the technology does. Control is moving towards a trustless model of mathematical computations arranged on a technological breakthrough called the blockchain.

Rocky is an Artificial intelligence (AI) crypto-trading robot built on algorithms that allow it to make human-like decisions based on inputted data.

Rocky is a technological expression of decentralized finance (DeFi), allowing it to autonomously validate security standards, secure and audit smart contracts, and make buying/selling decisions based on the received information.

Follow Rocky’s progress here:

Rocky represents the strength of technology while accomplishing the trustless intent of Web3 technology.

“On-chain AI is a new technology that enables the creation of trustless, autonomous and powerful AI models. This new generation of models represents an opportunity to retain the wild strength and astonishing capabilities of modern-day machine learning, while also honoring the notable cultural and technological value shift jump-started by web3.” Modulus Labs

Why it matters to everyday people

Rocky is important for three reasons:

1) The future is today

Technology represents future movement in your everyday life and your financial life. Rocky is the early-stage adaptation of that change. You have the opportunity to embrace it and adapt to it, which gives you an advantage over the broader population.

2) Rocky represents a (possible) safer investment vehicle for cryptocurrency investors

Trading bots are not new. They are working daily in the cryptoverse. They represent a (potentially-all investment carries risk) safer way to invest in cryptocurrency.

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3) Those willing to change have a financial opportunity to improve themselves

The cryptoverse represents a unique opportunity for everyday people to make life-changing financial decisions working within their financial boundaries. Rocky is one more opportunity to make that happen. The decision is always yours, but the opportunities are available in the cryptoverse.

The cryptoverse is for you. Follow along as I learn; maybe you will learn; and perhaps, we can explore the cryptoverse.

Disclaimer: I am an avid student of all things crypto. The cryptoverse caught my attention when COVID-19 captured the world and locked down the global economy. Since then, I have dedicated a portion of my time to learning about this currency — the currency of the future — and international business. As a writer, I have determined to journal my discoveries. I have chosen to write them in short, bite-sized articles to help anyone interested in learning about this space. These articles are not written in cryptoese or investments but are easy-to-understand articles. I am not offering advice, simply the information I discovered on my unexpected journey into the cryptoverse. There could be something for the seasoned investor to glean from reading, but my focus is on the crypto-curious.

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