You are currently viewing Marketing Tricks WEB3 Projects Don’t Want You To Know |  by Semih Yiğit |  Coinmonks |  Oct, 2022

Marketing Tricks WEB3 Projects Don’t Want You To Know | by Semih Yiğit | Coinmonks | Oct, 2022

Web3 projects are experiencing a growth intertwined with the world of digital marketing. Each web3 project allocates significant budgets to this area. You already know about the marketing tricks of many companies. So what kind of marketing tricks are used in the Web3 world?

In traditional marketing, SEO, Google Analytics, Social Media Marketing Services and Ad buying systems provide the necessary data for digital marketing tricks. In this way, traditional companies produce various strategies to reach more customers.

Although the same systems are valid for Web3 marketing, there are also marketing strategies in the background that the projects don’t want users to know.

Private companies have emerged just now doing this job. If a project has suddenly become very popular on social media, it’s likely that a dark marketing company has been hired. Dark Marketing companies have a large social media team made up of small groups.

First a small group starts talking and tweeting about the project, then a few groups are added to it and finally an influencer accompanies it and a “big green candle!”

This is a completely malicious marketing method and as a result, a lot of victimization is experienced. Especially in low-volume projects, high volumes of purchases are made consecutively and green candles make this project trend on sites such as CMC and CoinGecko and new users are acquired.

There are bots in Digital Marketing that specifically generate a lot of clicks. If the projects are to follow a special strategy in a country, they use these bots, which are bought at a cheap price, and hundreds of clicks are obtained from various IPs of the country in question.

Projects create teams of Discord, Twitter or Telegram users for a very cheap price. The members of this team are mostly students and citizens of low minimum wage countries.

The job of the team is to enter the Discord or Telegram community selected as the marketing target and start a casual conversation. This conversation seems to develop normally by the members of the group and doesn’t even attract the attention of the admins. However, the main purpose of this chat from the very beginning is to bring the subject to the project in question, and as a result of a regular chat, new members come to your Discord group without realizing that it is marketing.

These are not actually bots that bother many of us. They are quite professional and there are special software developers who do this work.

The project decides to distribute a giveaway or airdrop and its aim is to maximize the number of users who will participate in this event. These bots build user lists from large communities and send different promotional messages from different accounts. You want to see messages from an account you are in the same group and you don’t want to miss the chance to airdrop. You are now one of the new users.

Volume is an indicator that many amateur technical analysts look at, and the target audience is these amateurs. Bots trade in different and fractional amounts creating high volumes and attracting the attention of amateurs, which means new users.

As I mentioned at the beginning of my article, web3 Marketing is a rapidly developing new industry with digital marketing. The main purpose of the projects is to reach the largest community and maximize the number of users. For this, they resort to ethical or unethical marketing tricks.

The fact that web3 users are more knowledgeable on this subject will contribute to the healthier growth of the ecosystem.

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