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Lights, camera, crypto: TOP 5 films and series about cryptocurrency | by | Coinmonks | Sep 2022

Cryptocurrency has long ceased to be a part of the innovative business — now even children have heard about Bitcoin. Crypto took over the mass consciousness so much that it began to bring a stable income not only to young investors from the new wave, but also to the film industry. The directors quickly reacted to the profitable opportunity and began to actively use the crypto theme in their work, with the help of which they successfully replenished both — the audience and their own bank accounts.

In this article you’ll find our top 5 films and TV series about cryptocurrency, which, in our opinion, are worth your time.

#1 Silicon Valley (2014–2019)

We can call this HBO comedy series about adventurous geek programmers a guide to the world of startups and IT technologies. According to the plot, a group of young IT-specialists are trying to make our world a better place with the help of the Internet and high technology.

In the opening title for the fifth season you can notice a logo of the huge cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase, which instantly has increased the show’s popularity. The intrigue was revealed only by the fifth episode called “Initial Coin Offering”, in which one of the main characters is developing an ICO.

According to the creators of the series, they began talking about the cryptocurrency revolution long before it became mainstream.

#2 Deep Web (2015)

Alex Winter’s documentary about the “new” internet, it’s encrypted, decentralized and illegal. The picture reflects the philosophy of the “deep web” — part of the worldwide network that cannot be tracked by the authorities. The story follows Ross Ulbricht, the creator of the illegal online drug store called ‘Silk Road’. Bitcoin also played an important role in this film — it was used for making almost every payment.

The main Hollywood Bitcoin enthusiast Keanu Reeves took an active part in the creation of the film — his voice is the voice of the narrator.

#3 Bitcoin Heist (2016)

Fans of Audrey Hepburn already know how to steal a million dollars, and now Vietnamese director Ham Chan has taught us how to steal a million Bitcoins. He created an exciting action movie with hackers, kung fu, dangerous chases and Hollywood-styled gunfights. His film is a mix of different movies like ‘Now You See Me’, ‘Suicide Squad’ and all the Bond movies, seasoned with digital currencies.

#4 Bitcoin: the end of money as we know it (2015)

Eccentric Australian filmmaker Torsten Hoffman made an original documentary with a catchy title in 2015. The movie is about Bitcoin (obviously). Hoffman confidently stated that Bitcoin is the future of the entire global financial system and explained in detail why.

We can call this film an introduction to crypto science, because the movie thoroughly explains what Bitcoin is, why we need it and why it is so necessary for the modern world. All of that is explained in simple words, so after watching this film it becomes pretty clear what Bitcoin is.

#5 Crypto (2019)

Crime thriller directed by American director John Stalberg and starring Kurt Russell. He plays financial analyst Martin, who was suddenly sent on a business trip to his homeland in a provincial town. There he discovered that many things have changed. For example, in a bar he can now pay with Bitcoins, and his childhood friend owns a mining farm.

By chance, Martin found out the reason for such a change — he uncovered a multi-million dollar money laundering scheme. The Russian mafia is involved in the action, and even Martin’s relatives manage to fuel the fire and add a handful of family problems to Martin.

To sum up

As you can see, mass culture likes to include the Crypto World in its projects. Isn’t it fantastic? Now ‘ordinary’ people (not only businessmen and IT-specialists) can get a better understanding about crypto. Fiction, songs, popcorn movies, and ‘Netflix and chill’ series are all teaching us something new about crypto in the simple language.

More information about the combination of crypto and art you can find here — there are more films featured in there!

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