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How we use AI in gaming: 4 key points | by No Surrender Heroes | Coinmonks | Dec, 2022

Lately, artificial intelligence technology has made a rapid entry into the gaming industry. The gaming industry is a competitive business, and games often use artificial intelligence to provide a better experience for all users. As No Surrender Heroes, we usually employ AI with machine learning to understand the player’s experience process and use it to support our gaming community. Because of building a sustainable community, we put players’ experiences first. By using various artificial intelligence in a variety of ways, we are aiming to improve the player’s journey day by day.

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AI in gaming refers to responsive and adaptive video game experiences. These AI-powered interactive experiences are usually generated by non-player characters, or NPCs, that act intelligently or creatively, as if controlled by a human game-player.

AI procedural generation, also known as procedural storytelling, in game design refers to game data being produced algorithmically rather than every element being built specifically by a developer. The evolution of AI in gaming has shifted the control of a game experience from developers toward the player. The game engine is responsible for determining an NPC’s behavior in the game world, with an increasing focus on how players approach it. A growing trend in multiplayer games is to design them so algorithms produce content for players, which means that the flow of play and narrative can be generated based on player behavior instead of having every choice and action planned by a human developer.

AI enhances a player’s experience, and it’s especially important as developers deliver game experiences to devices like smartphones, VR headsets, and more. AI enables developers to deliver high-quality games across various platforms.

AI has the power to make games more immersive, more fun, and more social. AI in gaming means giving players the freedom to play their favorite games anywhere and everywhere, on any device. And it means delivering console-like experiences across devices. This AI in gaming report explores the future of game development, what is driving its growth, where it needs to improve, and how AI will play a major role in every aspect of the gaming experience.

We use artificial intelligence tools such as StableDivision and Mid Journey while creating our artworks. At the same time, we create our visuals using artificial intelligence in the ads we create using big data and A/B tests. In addition, while producing our Character skins, we design concept art with artificial intelligence.

In addition, we use the Copy. ai tool for our text content in order to produce content faster.

Detecting and preventing cheating in games can often be challenging.

As No Surrender Heroes, we focus on AI with machine learning and behavior-based detection. We track human player behavior and use this knowledge to detect anomalous behaviour. The mission that we aim is to develop tools to flag bots and cheaters but avoid flagging human players — a tough assignment.

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The more we know about the players, the easier it is to detect cheats and bots. We track and label as many player actions, situations, and areas on the map as we possibly can. We’re using data analyzing and machine learning to detect cheating in games, and this is our real-time cheat detection technology in action.

In addition, we monitor our in-game economy in real time and follow suspicious transactions and frauds with artificial intelligence.

In our game we are creating the right experience, depending on historical data and player state.

Examining user behaviors, keeping data and analyzing the data we keep are the most important points for us to provide an experience to the players.

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We manage our in-game economy with personalized offers. For example, if you need 5 cards to upgrade a hero, you will not be shown 20 cards in the offers section. Or, if you have requested a card from your clanmates several times, this transaction will be detected automatically and your offers will be determined accordingly.

We use the persistent but not annoying crm data collection method method.

We care about making the journeys of the players more fun by examining user behaviors. By examining card usage habits, we produce personalized content in order to maintain the balance of the game. The goal is to balance the game in order to provide an enjoyable experience for every player. The biggest help in achieving this is our enhanced AI and machine learning technology and of course, the team that managed it.

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Well, we said that we do this in theory, but how do we do it in practice? We do matchmaking by examining the behavior of players with similar strengths and characteristics. Player agent training, instead of going live, doing iterations with the public, balancing the game and starting iteration again, we train Ai player agents that test the game before hand, and master it. We see that mostly held cards by AI team are the ones that are most powerful. We balance the game before going to public, nerf the cards relevantly.

To sum up, with the developing technology, it has become more measurable to provide an excellent experience to the users of a product. In No Surrender Heroes, we take the player’s journey first to give players a more enjoyable experience. We do this by collecting user data and reinforcing the data we collect with AI and machine learning. We also use AI technology to take faster action and produce more in most of our work. The critical point here is to determine what you can do with this technology and to know how to use it correctly.

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