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How to register a Web3 domain name? | by Jiang Meng | Coinmonks | Sep 2022

Recently, the domain name .bnb on the BSC chain has become quite popular. Users who have obtained the qualification for the internal test have already benefited a lot, and registration is now open.

ChuxiaoLian has registered the .eth and .bnb domain names, and set up the associated binding between the web3 domain name and the wallet address. By searching the web3 domain name, you can find the corresponding wallet address, which is more convenient.

At present, what is the value of Web3 domain name, no one can say clearly, the hype is still in the hype, and more application scenarios are still under construction.

4-digit ENS domain name just sold for 2.94ETH

But there are also unexpected gains in uncertainty. For example, when I first registered .eth, I did not know that an airdrop would be issued; The first batch of people who registered and used the .eth domain name received hundreds of ENS airdrops, which is uncertainty.

As one of the entrances of web3, domain name is unknown whether there are more possibilities in the future, but as an industry follower, it is a good idea to have an own web3 domain name, after all, it is only a few dollars of investment.

How to register a web3 domain name?First of all, what is a web3 domain name?

Web3 domain name is a popular saying, it is the identity entrance on different chains, it is a decentralized identity DID (Decentralized Identity).

The digital wallet is the identity of each blockchain user, and the user enters the on-chain world through the digital wallet. The wallet address is an irregular combination of numbers and letters, and generally has 42 characters.

It is not easy to remember a digital wallet address. After binding the web3 domain name, someone’s wallet address is ***.the, not a string of irregular characters.

ENS domain name and wallet address of VitalikButerin

Where to register a web3 domain name?

Web3 domain names are built on different public chains, and currently the most popular ones are ENS and SPACEID domain names. This article takes the registration of a .bnb domain name as an example.

At present, the .bnb domain name is registered through SPACE ID is a decentralized domain name service agreement. It is a seed round financing led by Binance Labs.

1. Digital wallet login.

After entering the official website, log in to the wallet account through connect in the upper right corner. If you do not have a digital wallet to register a wallet account first, you can check how to create and use the MetaMask small fox wallet.

After the wallet is successfully registered, it is necessary to transfer some BNB into the wallet as the handling fee and registration fee. You can purchase BNB through the platform and transfer it to the wallet through the BNB chain network.

Use digital wallet to log in and register

2. After logging in, search for the domain name that needs to be registered.

Search for the domain name you want to register, and check whether it has been registered. For example, if bitcoin is already registered, it cannot be registered again; it is found that the domain name expires on August 24, 2033. If there is no renewal after the expiration, you can continue to register.

bitcoin is registered

Search jiamihuobi.bnb to register, you can choose register to register.

Similar to traditional domain names, web3 domain names are paid annually.

At present, the one-year registration is 0.021BNB, which is almost 5.767 US dollars; The registration is 0.038BNB for 2 years and 0.058 for 3 years. The longer the registration time, the higher the cost, but the overall cost is relatively low.

When ChuxiaoLian registered five ENS domain names last year, it spent more than $100.

Register a bnb domain name for $5.767

After the domain name is selected, submit the information request, and the wallet needs to confirm the authorization; then confirm the registration to confirm the registration, and then pay the registration fee through the wallet. Generally, 2 wallet confirmation, authorization and payment links are required.

3. After successful registration, bind the domain name and wallet account.

After the payment is successful, the domain name is automatically kept in the wallet, and the association between the domain name and the wallet address can be bound, so that the wallet address can be found when searching for the domain name, and the transfer interaction between wallets can be performed directly through the web3 domain name.

SPACEID domain name and BSC address binding

In addition to .bnb domains, ENS domains can also be registered. At present, ETH is still the first public chain, with a large user base and a richer ecology.

To register the ENS domain name (, you also need to use the wallet to log in, and choose the Ethereum network to log in.

It is currently $8.29 to register a 5-digit domain name, which can be bound to an Ethereum wallet address after registration.

Register a 5-digit ENS domain name for $8.29

As a web3 practitioner, you can experience the registration process and get your own DID status. Whether it is valuable in the later stage depends on the overall development of the industry, but it is possible to gain opportunities by participating in it.

You can also register the web3 domain name to learn about the use of digital wallets and further experience the encryption market. This market is full of uncertainty, but there is also hope in the uncertainty.

The above is just my personal opinion and summary, no investment advice, any investment behavior of readers has nothing to do with the author.

I’m ChuxiaoLian, I’m learning about blockchain, paying attention to metaverse and NFT and web3.

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