You are currently viewing How anyone can earn crypto by investing their time!  |  by Igor MD |  Coinmonks |  Dec, 2022

How anyone can earn crypto by investing their time! | by Igor MD | Coinmonks | Dec, 2022

And how can you earn a living without investing any money!

With crypto in a significant retreat and centralized organizations falling left right and centre, we could say crypto really is not in the best place. Many investors (including me) have lost large portions of their portfolios’ worth, and the enthusiasm you saw from most people is gone like it was never there in the first place.

But although the value of most crypto assets is nothing to write home about, development on the blockchain is still up and booming! With many protocols, startups, fintech companies and organizations launching their applications on the blockchain there are a lot of opportunities available for people that want to invest their time and effort into crypto and get rewards in return!

Let’s look at 3 ways you can start earning your next crypto by investing your time and skills!

With the activity that blockchain brings it is destined to also bring a lot of job opportunities. Crypto startups, organizations and DAOs are always searching for people that want to contribute to their vision on a daily bases, whether it is HR, Marketing, Development or Design, most organizations building on the blockchain are expanding rapidly and are always on the lookout for new talent.

Cryptojobslist applications.

Websites like Cryptojobslist or Crypocurrencyjobs offer a broad range of vacancies in all types of different organisational and skill sectors. Their listings include solidity programmers, heads of legal entities, unity engineers and social media managers. Most of these jobs are remote as well, which makes it a great place for anyone anywhere in the world to start their crypto-job journey!

With Decentralised Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) becoming more prominent in the blockchain ecosystem, so does the amount of work that has to be performed by their communities. Multi-million dollar DAOs are setting the standard for decentralised, open-source working, and you are able to contribute to their vision for rewards as well!

Dework bounties available right now!

Websites like Dework and Layer3 post gigs and bounties rewarding you in cold-hard cryptocurrencies! Make a Twitter post and get $10. Translate documentation to your native language and get 0.01 ETH. Fix a bug in the front end, and get 100 MATIC. There’s something for almost everyone in there, ranging from simple Twitter threads to jobs paying well over $1000 in crypto. You name it and you can find something somewhere!

There are a lot of protocols, dApps and DAOs launching every month, and they usually require a lot of testing before they are pushed to the mainnet. These test phases are usually incentivised! By investing your time and exploring the platform, and reporting bugs and UI issues to the team you help them improve your app, whilst simultaneously getting rewarded in their native token when they launch!

A recent project using this strategy is, rewarding their early testers with some MAXX tokens once the protocol is live. The catch here is that you usually don’t really know how much you are getting, and what the tokens will be worth in the future. It really depends on how generous the protocol is and how much you helped them out!

With crypto in its downtrend, you have to become creative. The 3 options I’ve found most interesting and rewarding have been finding a job in crypto, doing Web3 and DAO bounties and participating in the testnet of several dApps. It hasn’t been much money, but with a lot of people out of fiat (like myself), it has been a great way to DCA my way into crypto, preparing myself for the next bull run. LFG! ūüĒ•ūüĒ•

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