You are currently viewing Grand Theft Auto with Play to Earn: here comes Osimi City |  by Mike Zillo |  Coinmonks |  Sep 2022

Grand Theft Auto with Play to Earn: here comes Osimi City | by Mike Zillo | Coinmonks | Sep 2022

The Initial Game Offering has just started and we have settled prizes up to $100 for gamers who manage to survive the hordes of Zombies and clean up the city!

The ecosystem of the Play2Earn (P2E) games is growing and growing and according to a recent statistics it’s one attracting more investments from the institutions in the last months.

According to Messari, GameFi field attracted 1.2 billions of dollars just in the first quarter of 2022.


The world suffered a pandemic and only once city has left behind hordes of zombies. But zombies are starting attacking the city and players can perform several missions in order to achieve bigger and bigger targets.

The game is already available, in a reduced playing mode, on the company’s website.
And, well, if you look at the website you may find someone that you may recognize into the team! 😀 Yes, I am in involved into this project as a Deputy-CEO, managing some of the processes.
The desktop version was the first version we have released some months ago and now the mobile version is downloadable as well so you can try the gaming experience and try the first missions.

Source: Osimi City

OSI will be the native token of the game and it will be paired with an internal currency, that will act as a stable-coin but it will not be withdrawable. So do not worry: we are not creating other stable-coins potential defaults. We decided to go for this stable currency (with just an in-game validity) to create stability into the prices of NFTs and keep the game affordable in time, even if the OSI token may sky-rocket.

There will be several functions into the game, and the graphics for the NFTs is ready! Check them out!

Source: Osimi City
Source: Osimi City

Here a coupe of basic weapons. At this link you can find all of them, with the technical sheet, prices and more included!

And if you want to start checking out landsbe sure to have a look!

Source: Osimi City
Source: Osimi City

There will be different land for different uses and different prices and you can find them here.

The game will start in a free to play mode, where everybody will be able to play the game but with no potential earnings, exception made for airdrops. The idea is to create a huge community under the long-lasting dynasty of the Grand Theft Auto game-concept.

Free-to-play is aimed at increasing the community to let players understand if they really want to purchase NFTs to start playing the game and getting the chance for the “to-earn” part of the game and later to get also into tournaments.

The play-to-earn version of the game starts with Arcade missions again the Environment, the so-called PvEwhere shooters and racers will get challenged in growing competitions.

When the gamers will be comfortable with the gameplay, they can raise the level of the competition, and the stakes as well, with Player versus Player tournaments. These tournaments will have different entry levels both for gamer level and also for the entry fee. Entry fee will be payable in OSI token, making up the jackpot of the tournament.

Thanks to the Metaverse lands, there will be the chance for a virtual Real Estate investor to become sponsor of tournaments, granting them a huge visibility to gamers and to specific niches. That vision, amplifies the virtual real estate opportunity to many more companies rather than the usual Realtors, making it possible also for IT companies, Gaming Guilds and many more to get massive exposure.

The Desktop version of the game is ready since January this year.
We have postponed even more the IDO, to start attracting a real user base playing the game and we have just opened our first Initial Game Offer right yesterday!
Join our Contest from 23rd to 24th. Only 50 seats!

Make sure to join our Discord to keep track of all the promotions ongoing, with our latest gameplay released just a few days ago, build with the Unreal Engine!

We will catch up in the next article, for more information about this amazing project we are developing!

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