You are currently viewing Getting Started With Presearch.  Want to make Presearch your go-to… |  by Bboushy |  Coinmonks |  Oct, 2022

Getting Started With Presearch. Want to make Presearch your go-to… | by Bboushy | Coinmonks | Oct, 2022

6 Tips for New Presearch Users

There are a ton of new users that are wondering about Presearch so I’m going to answer some of the common questions people ask about.

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We each get 25 bonus PRE after you have been active for 30 days and you have earned 50 PRE from searches.

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Presearch is a search engine that has some unique features including:

  1. Privacy search
  2. Search to earn
  3. User operated servers
  4. Referral programs.
  5. Unlimited clicks and views on paid ads.
  6. The ability to set hundreds of search engines as default search and access them directly through search bar. Find the full list below.

Presearch uses gateways located in California, Ohio, Europe, and Asia to process the search requests.

When you perform a search, it goes to one of the gateways in California, Ohio, Europe, and Asia to remove all identifiable data before sending the search request to a user operated node. The node queries your preferred search provider then sends the information back to the gateway which adds the ads and back to the user.

Read the white paper to learn more.

Presearch white paper

First, you need to sign up for an account, which you can do here:

After you earn an amount of PRE for the first. 25 normal searches in a day. The maximum coins available per day are 2.5 PRE at .1/PRE per search. It varies inversely to the price of PRE.

That means use it like a normal search engine. Token farming will get your account banned from withdrawing PRE.

Also don’t use Presearch with a VPN, there is a higher probability of being flagged as a token farmer if you use a VPN.

How can I make it easier to use Presearch?

Presearch tries to make it as easy as possible to use their search engine. They offer browser extensions and mobile apps so you can use Presearch as your default search engine.

Get the Presearch Browser extension for Brave, Firefox or Google. Brave and Google Chrome can use Home Page extensions too

They are also the default search engine for Decentr. If you sign up for Decentr and Presearch you can earn both projects coins.

You can download the mobile apps from the App Store on your mobile phone.

Set your Presearch app to the default web browser in iOS

This is really important if you use a lot of talk to text or people share links with you.

Click on the “…” in the bottom right of the iOS app. It looks like this: in Presearch app

Then you’ll want to click settings.

Access Presearch in-browser settings

Next, you’ll click “Set as browser”

Presearch app in-browser settings

This will take you into your iOS Quick Access settings. The screen will look like this.

iOS quick access settings

Scroll down til you see Presearch and click it.

Quick Settings for Apps in iOS

Then there are two settings you’ll want to change:

iOS Presearch Settings

1. Siri and Search: Change any settings you’d like Siri to use with Presearch

Siri & Search Preferences

2. Default Browser App: Verify Presearch is your default search engine.

iOS Default Search Engine Settings

Now it should be easy to use Presearch and get your rewards.

To run a user operated node, you’ll need to buy 4,000 PRE through the dashboard or. an exchange. You need to go to:

Watch the video, then click “Launch a Node.” Read the instructions. Then go to the nodes dashboard.

You’ll need your node registration code from the dashboard.

Make sure to open the next link in a separate tab.

Then you’ll need to create an Ubuntu server, web3 server (FLUX is lowest cost), or set up a node on your computer. You’ll also need to create a docker image and download Putty.

I’m not a developer so I’m not going to try to. walk you through the full process, but there are a ton of guides and people who can help you in the telegram or discord node channels. I found this one most useful:

Go to your referral page at

You can share the links on:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Email
  • Website Banners

You can also read the terms & conditions and FAQs. You’ll see a list of referrals, how long they were active, and how recently they used the platform.

If you own a business or have affiliate links you want to share, you might want to advertise on Presearch.

It’s still early in the advertising days. They take a unique outlook on advertising, you can put as little as 100 PRE to a keyword. Then you’ll want to pair an ad.

What’s unique about this form of search engine advertising is it does not charge on a cost per click, cost per action, or cost per impression basis. In fact, when you stake the keywords, you get them until:

  1. Someone bids more than you.
  2. They start using a consumptive model.

You can also pull the PRE out of the current keyword and secure a different keyword if you want.

I’ve been using keywords for over a year now and have staked around 100 keywords over that time. It works best for 1 & 2 word terms. Long tail keywords do not work well.

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Thank you! Don’t just search it! Presearch it!

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