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Friends and supporters of BTC #10: Brock Pierce | by crypto_albert | Coinmonks | Nov, 2022

The person I’m talking about today was one of the first to approach our industry, or if we want to be more precise he was one of the founders: his name is Brock Pierce. 41 years old, he is an entrepreneur, former US presidential candidate, and former child actor.

Brock Pierce

He made his first appearances in commercials at a very young age. As a child actor, he has acted in a few films. After quitting his acting career, as a teenager he founded Digital Entertainment Network, which raised $88 million in venture capital. Although the company was doing very well, due to some legal problems it filed for bankruptcy and closed in June 2000. The following year Brock founded Internet Gaming Entertainment. Four years later the company had approximately $500 million in revenue. In 2007 due to a class action lawsuit the company went bankrupt and Brock was forced out. Pierce then delved into online gaming and was one of the creators of very popular games such as World of Warcraft. He has become one of the pioneers in the industry and his popularity has grown tremendously. He has been a guest speaker at the California Institute of Technology, Singularity University and the Milken Global Conference. In 2013 Brock joined the venture capital firm Blockchain Capital. He also co-founded EOS Alliance,, and Mastercoin. Brock Pierce is an entrepreneur who knows a lot about Bitcoin. He started buying them in 2013 and co-founded Tether the following year. He was elected Director of the Bitcoin Foundation in May 2014, closed for insolvency in 2015. He also advised Airswap, Bancor, BitGo and other companies of the crypto industry. In 2020 he unsuccessfully participated as an independent in the election for the President of the United States of America.

Brock for president

He argued that technology can bring momentum to the American economy. He was voted through an app using Blockchain technology in Utah County using the Voatz app.

Always also a philanthropist and a man with an enterprising personality, he was one of President Najib Bukele’s advisors during the preparation of the so-called “Bitcoin Law” in El Salvador. He can be considered one of the promoters of the adoption of Bitcoin in Central America. He moved to Puerto Rico a few years ago and contributes to making the island one of the most interesting locations in the crypto industry. Brock is the Chair of the Integro Foundation to solve the environmental, economic and social challenges of this region.

Regarding the latest FTX happenings, Pierce stated that this has nothing to do with Bitcoin or crypto technology in general.

According to some websites, he has a net worth ranging from $1 to $2 billion.

Do you know anyone else who plays a key role in our industry? Let me know in the comments.

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