You are currently viewing Fortune Hunters — Passive income in the DNA.  |  by Nelson Crypto passive income |  Coinmonks |  Dec, 2022

Fortune Hunters — Passive income in the DNA. | by Nelson Crypto passive income | Coinmonks | Dec, 2022

Hello, my name is Nelson, join me today as we look at the FH NFTs.

First, if you don’t know about Fortune Hunters Eco please read my previous articles on it.
>>Fortune Hunters Eco<<

In FH projects aren’t made for the short term. The aim is to create long-run passive income streams that are accessible to all. Sound too good to be true?
– COF — Cake of Fortune, a standard cake miner launched on May 7th, nearing 8 months old and currently seating at its ATH.

COF TVL analytics from BSC Scan
  • EOF — Elk of Fortune, an ELK miner, launched on July 9th, nearing 6 months old and presently near its ATH.
EOF TVL analytics from BSC Scan

What makes these miners different from others?
Reduced or 0% ponzi.
– No late entry point.
When both miners were created the dev fees were set to be used in pools where they are constantly compounded and weekly dividends are injected back into the respective TVL contracts.
What does this mean?
Above all this results in a long-lasting project where everyone is assured ROI over time.
Yes, even the ones that join on day one will still earn daily dividends but depending on the way each has chosen to play these their inflation is now at a point that their rewards are now extremely reduced.

TVL still plays a major role in how we play these miners and when we chose to add fresh capital or join them, but we now have 2 projects in DeFi that are certain to be around in 1, 2, or even 5 years from now and More importantly, paying all its users.

The next project by the FH team, and its current crown jewel is FOF.

  • FOF — Farm of Fortune, is a mix of farmer ROI dapp paying a fixed 2% per day on BNB.
    Launched on October 10th, nearing 3 months old, it presents its user’s mechanics unlike anything currently seen in DeFi. With constant and well-weighted injections from pools into the contract, the TVL is kept and a stable 100 BNB range daily to allow users to claim their dividends while the rest of the TVL is used to generate additional dividends that will hopefully make this another very long lasting project on the FH list.
FOF TVL analytics from BSC Scan
  • The FH Collection NFTs.
    A unique collection of NFT created to never exist more than 1000 units.
    Lifetime dividends.
    – Early access to new layers coming out in FH (starting with the wl for the FH token coming early next year).
    – Government.
    And so much more that will make this collection value simply be on a constant rise in 2023.
FH NFTs on opensea

Only 222 NFTs are left till the collection is sold out and the floor prices start rising…


BNB price chart

BNB is despite all the current FUD around it, one of the most secure and well build protocols, but like all other coins/tokens will always have a massive fluctuation in price.
While we all appreciate it when it’s going up and we are earning 2% per day on BNB it is not as pleasant when it’s going down and we are not certain of how long it will take to go back up again…
I love BNB and it is one of the very few coins/tokens I hold in the hope of a major bull run that may see its price finally hitting the thousands mark but waiting for a bull run does not pay bills…

Introducing MOF…
MOF — Mischief of Fortune, aimed to launch sometime between late December and the first week of January, MOF will be a mix farm ROI dapp paying a fixed 1% daily in USDC.
When people ask what is the point of a USDC project when FOF is such a great success I would like to ask them to remember the words above…

MOF will allow FH Eco users to set and gradually build a sustainable passive income stream with 100% predictable assured results… Finally, a place where we can create a passive income we can rely on in a constant and steady way to have money expenses.

While volatility is great for making more or less higher profits (BNB), stability (USDC) is the path to financial freedom and what pays the bills at the end of the month.

Every now and then we come across teams that truly seek to have their community’s best interests at hart and seek to build with them something that will be life-changing for all not only for the lucky few…
I have a rule in DeFi…
“Invest in teams, gamble on the rest”

Yes, there are and always will be those that will invest in pretty fancy projects and try to make it big only to fall into reality and be crushed to the ground.
Yes, there are those that will never believe in anything and will simply claim their way to the end (what a surprise will be for those that currently in FOF are planning to do only claims…we will be here to see them saying in the TG chat how they wish they had believed and followed the team’s suggestions over time, after all, we are now only 130 days away from the 200th day and people will finally understand how unique FOF mechanics are…)

>>FH Eco TG<<
FOF site<<
>>NFT sales page<<
>>EOF Site<<
>>COF site<<
>>fh homepage<<

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