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Easy way to claim and stake Evmos Airdrop -A Complete guide |

An Introduction to Evmos

In the Cosmos ecosystem, Evmos is a decentralized proof of stake blockchain. It is built on the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), hence it is fully compatible with the Ethereum network. Evmos’ mission is to bring Ethereum-based apps and assets to the Cosmos ecosystem’s interoperable networks while harmonizing developer and user incentives and attempting to innovate in the EVM and interchain composability sector.

Evmos is a Cosmos-based blockchain that uses the Cosmos SDK and Tendermint Core consensus to provide speedy finality and high throughput. Developers may deploy Ethereum-based apps in the Tendermint consensus environment with lower transaction costs, better transaction speeds, and the security of proof of stake consensus by using Ethereum’s EVM.

Check eligibility for Evmos airdrop

  • Keplr + Ledger won’t work right now. Team working on a fix( This guide will not work with ledger)
  • ATOM, OSMO, ION Holders, and stakers. Osmo/Atom Lp, Osmo/Akt Lp, Atom/Akt Lp, Osmo/Ust Lp are included.
  • Snapshot for Evmos airdrop was November 25th, 2021 at 19:00 UTC (If you are staking or providing Liquidity in the pool prior to this date you are eligible)
  • Follow the steps below to check your Evmos allocation

Step 1- Go to and click on connect wallet. (Choose Keplr wallet)

Evmos | Got Rekt airdrop

Check in “MY SUMMARY”, if you see total tokens claimable (Like in the below picture we can claim 51 Evmos tokens).

Congrats you are eligible for this airdrop. You can follow the steps to claim your airdrop.

Evmos airdrop Allocation

How to claim Evmos REKT airdrop?

Currently, you can only claim 75% of the airdrop. Looks like they have a similar model to what osmosis used. You get a quarter of the airdrop for each mission.

1) Send an IBC transaction from osmosis to Evmos ( 25% of airdrop )

2) Vote on a governance proposal (25% of airdrop )

3) Stake to a validator ( 25% of airdrop )

4) EVM action (unclear what this actually means)(25% of airdrop)

Follow the steps below to claim ( First 25% of Evmos)

Step 2- Add Evmos (Beta) in Keplr and copy your evmos1 address

Adding Evmos Beta

step 3- Go to settings and enable “Show Advanced IBC Transfers”

Settings IBC Transfers

Step 4- Switch chain to “Osmosis” on top and then click “IBC transfer”

IBC transfers

Step 5- Add a new IBC channel. Set destination chain to “Evmos (Beta)” and channel ID to “channel-204”. Save it.

Adding Evmos IBC chain

Step 6- Select Evmos as “Destination Chain” and Paste in your Evmos address from step 2 in the recipient field.

Evmos airdrop

Step 7- Send a tiny amount of $OSMO token and your $EVMOS will appear 🎉.

Keplr IBC

Congrats, you’ve claimed the first 25% of your Evmos airdrop!

Follow the steps below to claim ( second 25% of Evmos)

Step 1- Go to 👉 and connect your keplr wallet.

Evmos airdrop

Step 2- Now click on governance to see available proposals to cast your vote.

Seeing governance proposals

Step 3- Click on “Airdrop Claim Soon” Proposal and then vote. (choose your Vote as “YES” and click on send and approve the transaction in Keplr)

Voting in proposal

Step 4- Approve this transaction to vote, Congrats, you’ve claimed the second 25% of your Evmos airdrop!

Approving voting transaction

Follow the steps below to claim ( Third 25% of Evmos)

Step 1- Go to 👉 and connect your Keplr wallet. Head over to stake and choose your validator.

Smartnodes-Family node

Evmos |

Step 2- Click on stake and set amount “How much Evmos you want to stake” and at last click on next. ( Ps- Do Not click on max save some Evmos for gas fees)

Staking Evmos with Smartnodes-Family

Step 3- Approve the transaction in the Keplr wallet popup window and wait for a few seconds.

Approving staking transaction in Keplr

Step 4- You have successfully staked your Evmos token with Smartnodes-Family.

Evmos staked with smartnodes-Family

Congratsyou’ve claimed the first 75% of your Evmos airdrop!

Why Smartnodes?

⚛️ We are highly active in the cosmos and lend support where we can. We are community-driven. Smartnodes-Family is a Proof of Stake validator and actively Votes on proposals to help ensure proper governance.

⚛️ The Infrastructure used by Smartnodes-Family is only the Best of the Best with 10 Layers of security in place to protect your assets.

⚛️ Smartnodes-Family Validator offers 100% Fully refunded Slash and double sign protection.

⚛️ Smartnodes-Family commission is only 5% commission on profits, which is below the Cosmos validator average of 12.5%. You can easily calculate your staking rewards by visiting our website:-

SmartNodes is an infrastructure provider for Proof-Of-Stake blockchains and decentralized projects.

Socials| Reddit | Twitter |Website |Telegram |Instagram|Discord

SmartNodes is an infrastructure provider for Proof-Of-Stake blockchains and decentralized projects.

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