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Dealerify Review. Dealerify is a professional platform… | by Barterify | Coinmonks | Nov, 2022

Dealerify is a professional platform for trading, copy trading, and auto-trading. There are so many diverse and significant services on this platform that can be useful for each level of trading.

In the world of cryptocurrency trading, buying and selling, the void of a comprehensive trading platform has always been felt. A platform where you can add multiple accounts and manage them seamlessly.

If you also like to trade multiple accounts at the same time but you cannot do it, if you have several accounts in different exchanges and you always have to visit each one of them and this is difficult for you, the Dealerify platform solves all these problems . This trading platform is for automatic trading of cryptocurrencies and provides various services to users. These services can be beneficial for any level of transactions. Dealerify website strives to make trading in the world of cryptocurrencies pleasant and profitable for all people and traders at any level.

In the following, we will learn more about the features of this smart trading platform.

Dealerify Pros & Cons

Dealerify Features

Dealerify is a professional and easy trading platform that is used to develop the cryptocurrency trading industry and intends to help all traders in the world of cryptocurrencies by providing various and attractive services in this field. In this part, we will introduce the features of the Dealerify trading platform. These features include the following:

1. Auto Trading

Auto-trading is one of those useful tools for you who are a newbie in the world of cryptocurrency and trading. Using this tool, you can easily use signals and strategies from professional traders.

2. Copy Trading

In Dealerify you can connect multiple accounts to your account and everything you do in your account will be copied to those other accounts.

3. Paper Trading

Paper trading allows people who do not have adequate trading experience yet to trade in real space in the live and real market through the virtual fund. It helps them to examine their preparation to enter the business world. There is no limit to the virtual funds that you can use on Dealerify.

4. Portfolio Manager

Dealerify has made it possible for traders to trade and manage 20 user accounts at the same time by accessing one account instead of multiple accounts. This feature is really helpful for those traders who manage others’ funds.

5. No Assets Blocking

You know it’s the rule of exchanges that block your asset whenever you order your signal before entry. But in Dealerify you can set how many signals you want and your asset doesn’t block on exchanges till those signals get to the entry point you. So you can give more profit with fewer assets and manage your position perfectly.

6. No liquidation possibility

At Dealerify, for each signal, the liquidation zone is calculated automatically and shown as a line on your chart, and when you set your signal, you don’t allow to set stop loss below the liquidity range. In this way, risk management will be easier for you and you will never be liquidated based on wrong calculations. So enter the trades safely.

7. Set and manage signals easily

Dealerify has provided the most comfortable space for traders. This platform provides the easiest user experience for beginners and the most advanced features for professional traders. Setting and making changes in the signals even after they are published and reaching the entry point can be done with one click in Dealerify. Its simplicity will surprise you.

8. History of Signals

You have all the details and history of your activities, signals and vendors forever in Dealerify, and you can easily access any signal with a signal code at any time and you can check it easily.

9. Signal Alert

You don’t need to worry about your signals anymore. From the time you set your signals until the time it closes, whatever happens to your signal, such as reaching the entry point, reaching any TP or stop loss, you will receive a text message on your mobile phone, and you will be informed of the status of the signal and whenever you need to change and Or if you had an action, you can get to work quickly.

10. No Need To Go To The Exchange

If you are one of those traders who run away from the complex and confusing spaces of exchanges, here you can go without having to visit the exchange all the time. You can even see the balance of your exchange accounts live at any time on Dealerify with one click. You only need your exchange to deposit and withdraw from your account.

11. Price Alert

You can be always sharp on the market with this feature. you can enter the desired pairs and their price conditions with the help of the ALERT feature, and the Dealerify smart platform will notify you as soon as these conditions are reached. This way you can be a great hunter in this market and make great profits. More importantly, you will receive it on your mobile messages and you will be informed about it even if you are not online.

Dealerify Pricing

Dealerify has provided 3 groups of plans for its users to serve them at different levels. It is possible to pay All plans are provided monthly, quarterly, and annually for each plan. Dealerify has provided free facilities for all its users for 7 days at the beginning of entering this platform

The Dealerify plans are as follows:

Supported exchanges

Dealerify currently supports Binance, Bybit, and Kucoin.

Dealerify Security

For the security of its users, this website has no access to the user’s exchange account or wallet, and you only connect your exchange API to the platform, so you can trade safely and make sure your capital is safe in the exchange.

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