You are currently viewing CSC |  BABYLONS ON COINEX SMART CHAIN ​​|  by Penuel |  Coinmonks |  Sep 2022

CSC | BABYLONS ON COINEX SMART CHAIN ​​| by Penuel | Coinmonks | Sep 2022

Babylons is a multichain NFT launchpad and marketplace. All CSC projects and users can enjoy NFT trading on Babylons.

The creation of NFTs is widely considered to be nearly as important as the advent of cryptocurrency itself. Like crypto, NFTs have revolutionized countless industries and the digital assets produced within them. Whether it’s art, music, or live video gaming experiences, NFTs have provided collectors with a way to own something unique and irreplicable — which is a rarity in today’s online world of copyright infringement and reproduction.

However, despite their utility and value, the NFT market itself presents drawbacks that make trading them or, “apeing” in, less than desirable for many supporters of this space. For starters, NFTs are ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain, and as anyone who’s traded on Ethereum knows, those fees take a toll on your wallet.

Another common disadvantage of NFT platforms is that they rarely give back to their community, and when the incentive to participate is low, it negatively affects traders, project developers, and the community as a whole.

But fear not! Babylons intends to the NFT market to give traders a reason to be excited about collecting these valuable digital assets through a few simple yet effective features.

Our focus at Babylons is to do what other NFT platforms don’t: provide users with an affordable way to collect digital assets and give them more reasons to be happy about being a part of the NFT universe.

Babylons is one of the few NFT markets that operates on Coinex Smart Chain. Unlike Ethereum-based competitors such as Rarible, Foundation, and Superrare, Babylons’ community enjoys a network that is not only cheaper and faster but more scalable as well.

Babylons’ marketplace provides NFT creators with several key advantages over competitors. For starters, Babylons accommodates the growing trend of NFT traders migrating to cheaper and faster CSC options. NFT creators can get verified as artists and have the opportunity to put their art on display with their very own profile page.

ERC and BEP contracts can be easily implemented on Babylons and the option to set customized royalty on secondary sales is also available, which enables creators to get a fair percentage when their creations are sold on the second-hand market.

Babylons’ marketplace can also serve as a launchpad for creators by minting and selling tiered NFTs to raise funds from the community, and we can also help build a tailor-made marketplace that caters to the needs of NFT creators. We will manage the front and backend development, blockchain, and customize cost and monthly maintenance fees according to the developer’s needs. All that is required of them is to provide us with the design.

These are not the only areas in which Babylons’ platform holds an advantage. As we mentioned earlier, a major pain point among NFT traders is there is very little giving back from platforms. We want the Babylon community to know we cherish their participation and as such, we reward users with a transaction reward of 227.5K $BABI each week, which is distributed according to their share in the weekly volume. In essence, this means that the more you interact with our marketplace the more rewarding the experience. This is the most ambitious reward system across all NFT marketsplaces.

Governance is another key area where we plan to outshine our competitors. Babylons is the industry’s first community owned and governed DAO. Users will be more than just spectators, by holding $BABI tokens, they will have a voice in the future developments of the platform, and become true community members.

Babylons recognizes the shortcomings in the current NFT market and rather than fall in line with the rest, we give traders what they deserve: an affordable rewards-based NFT platform that’s designed for them, and governed by them.

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Based on PoS consensus protocol, CoinEx Smart Chain is decentralized and energy efficient.

CSC makes it easy to build your own decentralized applications.

The public chain, perfectly compatible with the Ethereum ecosystem, features high efficiency, low fees, as well as permissionless validators. All developers can easily build their own decentralized applications based on CSC or quickly deploy their EVM applications on CSC.

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