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Crypto Trading Bots — Up to 10% ROI over 4 weeks | by Messin’ around with Crypto’s | Coinmonks | Oct, 2022

Hey folks, so this is a follow-up of a previous article I wrote, entitled “Things to consider before starting a Crypto-TBAAS (Trading Bot As A Service)”. But in nutshell, with all the hype around Crypto Trading Bots, there are a ton of scams out there, so I devised a list of rules that have helped me to minimize my risk while at the same trying to maximize my returns. Let me reiterate that Crypto Trading Bots are inherently risky, and there is no such thing as “guaranteed returns.” As I’ll get into more detail later, I’ve been happy with some of the results I’ve had so far, so I thought that they’d be worth sharing.

After going several different options, the two bots that I found to be profitable and also fit my criteria were with and with EasyBot. As I’ll go into more depth below, both have some pros and cons that are worth considering before entering, and both sets of bots are providing some consistent returns while at the same time allowing you to have complete custody and control over your own funds .

As a disclaimer before we get into it, just because I have made these returns over the past few weeks does not mean that I will make the same rate of return in the future — we all know that crypto trading is risky, and I am by no means a trader or will I try to pass off as one. I can only say how much I have made since opening my bots up, and how I’m positioning myself for the future so that I can hopefully make even more.

Eazybot caught my attention because they have a very public track record for their earnings history — I invite you to watch some of their performance reports yourself, for they’re all available on their youtube channel: c/EazyBotGlobal/videos. In addition to their track record, their bots are free (well technically not 100% free but I’ll get into that later), and you can link your own exchange with your API keys so that your bot(s) can execute trades while you maintain control of your funds.

Getting Started: Opening an account is easy and just takes a few minutes. You’re more than welcome to use my referral link or go directly to Eazybot’s website. From there you need to connect your designated exchange (options of, Binance US, and KuCoin) via API keys. If you’re unfamiliar with this process, they have some easy-to-follow instructions for whatever exchange you choose here. Once your exchange is connected, you have to also load at least $100 + about $2 dollars for transfer fees via USDT (I recommend sending it via TRC20 due to low gas fees). Why do you need to fund at least $100 dollars into your wallet? This leads me to my next section…

How do they make money: As I mentioned before, opening up an Eazybot account is free, yet they do require that you fund their Eazybot wallet with at least $100USDT because the way they make money is by skimming off the profits that our bots make — but because you retain access to your funds on your designated exchange, they withdraw the skimming fees off of your Eazybot wallet. They have 3 different membership options, all of which offer increasing levels of accessibility and also reduced profit-fees:

I myself chose the free option as I’m still in the process of testing this out, and to be honest I’m still on the fence about whether or not to upgrade to the Advanced package, let alone the VIP. However as you can see in the graphic, the main disadvantages of the Free package is that you are charged a 30% “Software Service Fee” (which once again gets skimmed off your profits) and you’re limited to only using 2 bots, Whereas the paid packages offer either 10 or unlimited, depending on which package you get.

In case if you’re wondering whether or not you get charged for trades even when you’re losing money, the way that the bots work is that it will only close out trades if it’s in profit, meaning that some of your trades may be open for quite some time, and technically if your respective token for your bot goes to zero or remains completely stagnant, they may be open forever!

How the Strategies Work in General: Like most bots, the EazyCrypto bots are dependent on market volatility. There’s a great video I found where the CEO explains the strategy in detail, but basically in a nutshell, whether the market goes up or down, the bot trades when there are slight pullbacks (more specifically at 0.5%) on dips or slight retracements ( also at 0.5%) on pumps. From my understanding, the bots appear to use a DCA-type method, where they will continually buy low and sell high.

The Returns: So far I’ve been running an $ETC bot for about a week, and with a $900 dollar investment on one bot, I’ve gained about $2.69, which comes out to around 0.02% ROI or a 16.85% APY. I don’t think I’d really consider this return that sexy, but the bot is not returning an overall loss, so in my book, I can’t really complain. The reason why I chose the $ETC bot is because given the data from one of their most recent performance calls, it seemed to be generating pretty solid concerns since its inception:

To get a picture of how much I would have earned had I started this bot 4 months earlier, according to the data above I would have earned an extra 27.55% ROI, meaning that my total profit would have come out to $250.64 Once again, This is all market-dependent so there’s no telling what future earnings (or lack thereof) going forward.

The second bot(s) I tried was with the guys ShinyJackal and SMS | HCS sweetheater at TradingBots.Me. They also have a public track record that spans for several months, and like EazyBot, you have complete control of your funds throughout the bots’ longevity, and you can start, stop, or pull out the funds whenever you feel like it. The key difference between TradingBots.Me and EasyBot however is that it does require a bit more trust in order to get started. On their home page you’ll see a few different testimonials from different influencers who have had good experiences with them, and before jumping in, I had to do some vetting beforehand to see that these guys were legit.

Getting Started: On the surface level their system seems pretty grass roots. First we connected on twitter, and then we met on discord where they walked me through some of the details of how to get my accounts setup and what accounts I needed to open. Their bots run trades on leverage (which I’ll talk more about later), so in order to run leveraged trades, they recommended that I open up a 3commas account where their bots can run, using funds from FTX. In other words, similar to EazyBot, I had to connect my FTX via API to 3commas so that the bots could execute their trades with my FTX funds.

How they make money: This was pretty straightforward, and they have a breakdown based on an initial startup fee + a maintenance fee that you pay every month depending on how long you want updated bots:

The fees made a lot of sense to me, because I don’t expect one bot to work consistently forever, especially when we’re experiencing different types of market conditions. What I also found reassuring about these guys is that in the span of less than a month, they’ve reached out to me a few times to ask how the bots were doing.

To be honest when I started, I began expecting the first possibility that I could lose all my money — and I almost did. When I paid…I accidentally paid by $600 dollars #n00b. ShinyJackal and SMS | HCS sweetheater immediately pointed out my mistake and refunded the money to me in seconds. Whatever reservations surrounding trust I had at this point completely dissipated, and I have to say — these guys showed a lot of integrity.

In addition to integrity, these guys also showed a lot of patience with me as I was asking a ton of questions throughout the onboarding process. And in the onboarding process, they were able to walk me through on how the bots generally work and what to expect out of them. This leads me to my next section…

How the Strategies Work in General: This is where starts looking a lot different from other TBAAS like EazyBot. With TradingBots.Me, you have multiple bots working in tandem with one another — one running shorts, the other running longs — both on leverage. In addition, the bots (at least the ones I’m using) are based on token futures instead of the actual tokens themselves. If you’re unfamiliar with how futures work, my understanding (in my non-trader brain) is that they’re futures contracts based on speculative prices of what the prices may be on the token in question. Based on what’s happening in the market, the bot executes short trades if the token is overbought, and it executes long trades if reads that the token is oversold. Once again, I do not consider myself a trader so if you’d like a better explanation, I’d highly recommend that you reach out to these guys yourself to see if you can get any more specifics.

The Returns: I’ve been using these bots for about 4 weeks now, and I’ve made a profit of about 10% ROI, which averages to roughly around .35% ROI daily. Assuming that things go at that the same rate, after about 4 months this should be able to out perform even the best bots on EazyBot which are on average generating maybe around .25% daily. Going further, what I can say is that I’ve been happy enough with the TradingBots.Me’s bots that I recently decided to double-up my principal, and I will probably continue to add more as long as the bots stay this profitable.

As of right now, even though I’ve gotten some great returns, I can’t say that I’ve made life changing money. However I am super excited about these bots and I do intend to keep using them in the future as another passive income stream. You might be comparing these two TBAAS services and think that TradingBots.Me is the superior bot. I’m not going to dispute this for what I’ve seen so far, I’ve made a lot more returns on TradingBots.Me than I have with EazyBot. But I think even ShinyJackal or SMS | HCS sweetheater would tell you themselves that a genuine testament for how successful a bot is, is how much profit it can generate over the longer term.

Once again if you’re interested in learning more about TradingBots.Me, I’d highly recommend that you reach out to ShinyJackal or SMS | HCS sweetheater yourself, and/or you can watch a recent AMA that they did with James Pelton.

And/Or, if you’re interested in learning more about EazyBot, once again they do have a ton of tutorials and walkthroughs on their youtube channel which I recommend checking out.

Thanks for reading, and as always, please be sure to follow me on twitter to read all about my latest findings and updates:

Disclaimer: None of this information is financial advice, and is just speculation from me, a random guy on the internet. Please consider this for purely educational and entertainment purposes. As always, please do your own research or contact a financial advisor to find what investments might be best for you.

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