You are currently viewing Crypto saved me in one of the biggest crises in modern history, here’s how |  by Villasmil |  Coinmonks |  Oct, 2022

Crypto saved me in one of the biggest crises in modern history, here’s how | by Villasmil | Coinmonks | Oct, 2022

I have been steeped in this world of cryptocurrencies for about 5 years, since practically the massification of Bitcoin in the traditional markets and the rise of many of the altcoins until now that many new concepts are becoming known, I have some experience working and getting paid for my work with cryptos since I started to know about this whole topic. This is a small post with my experience in these markets and how it has helped me greatly to overcome one of the worst crises in recent history and certainly the worst in my country.

I should give a little context about the Venezuelan crisis, although many will surely have heard it on the news, it is a period of recession that my country lived (and is still living) from 2014 to the present and is primarily characterized by a rampant inflation that pulverized the national currency and created a huge hole in the public coffers, food was scarce, public services were deficient and I remember that we had daily blackouts that lasted most of the day, people were hungry and regularly went to our house to ask us for some food, times that I am sure most of us Venezuelans remember with sadness.


At this time, I am still in high school but I am feeling first hand the effects of this crisis, I had friends emigrating every week in search of a better life, my family was working and although we were supporting ourselves relatively well we noticed that around us there was already looting of businesses or blockades of the streets demanding an improvement in public services, the national currency was dropping in value and there seemed to be so I began to look for a way to support my family and help myself financially as well.

Jobs were poorly paid in those years, so I didn’t think of going out to look for a job after school, I turned my head to the internet. This fits in a bit with the rise of faucets and websites that gave you small portions of Bitcoin for filling out a catpcha, these rewards you could then take to your wallet (I think I was using a Xapo wallet at the time).


I was earning my first small portions of cryptos as I became more interested in this world, I started to learn about altcoins as well as trading which I became quite interested in (without much success) on platforms like Poloniex or Bittrex which at the time had the most users.

Although I was starting to have my first earnings from these sites, I still had not earned much, maybe just enough to buy a lunch every 3 days, it was not much, so I started looking again, I had heard that a very well known content platform in South America ( had launched a bitcoin reward program for writing posts on their website, so I registered here and after meeting the requirements (quite confusing at the time) I started earning with the views on my posts and the Points left by other users, the reward system was somewhat irregular but it was the first time I saw so many Bitcoins transferred to my account.


Making content on Taringa helped me a lot to learn about copywriting, SEO, and in general how to write content that would help me find employment as a writer on other platforms like Fiverr when it was just in its infancy.

It was around these years (2017–2018) that the crisis in my country was accentuated and part of my family began to emigrate to other countries, I was a few months away from starting my university and I had to decide if I wanted to leave Or double my bet on cryptocurrencies and the job I had, I decided to also start writing on platforms like Fiverr but my bet was mainly on the Taringa creators program and much more for these times which is when the bitcoin begins to explode in price and rise weekly.

My portfolio was slowly starting to have more income, already by these months I was mostly helping to buy my family’s weekly market.

Binance was starting to gain shape in my country and many people were already adopting the platform and making use of its P2P marketplace and the USDT stablecoin to protect their savings, I was no exception and as soon as I could I created an account and started saving here too, this would be even crucial later when I was able to renovate my family’s house with the savings I had in this wallet.


A few years passed and I was in a much improved situation, although the content monetization program I was in stopped working I looked for other sources of income and I have been doing this for 5 years now, it has its ups and downs but what I am sure of is that without cryptos I am sure I would have been another one of the many who left the country in search of better opportunities.

Cryptos allowed me to support my family, to see them grow in person and not behind a phone in a video call As most of those who emigrated do, in my community I have been able to collaborate in a multitude of new initiatives and it has also allowed me to live a more comfortable life, explaining to my acquaintances about cryptocurrencies and now paying my university with them. All I can say is, it’s good to be here.

This is my first article on Medium, it took me a while to get started but I think I am planning to deliver an article every 3–4 days so you should follow me! I will be posting about cryptocurrencies from a very personal perspective and giving some tips to deal with this world

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