Even though the formerly unflappable Trump ally is being held “responsible” for improperly handling the documents seized during the FBI raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence, Mark Meadows, the former chief of staff to the 45th president Donald Trump, has yet to make any sort of statement in support of his former boss.

According to claims made by two sources with knowledge of the matter and cited in a report by New York Times correspondent and CNN analyst Maggie Haberman, Glenn Thrush, Alan Feuer, and Katie Benner, Meadows was the person “who oversaw presidential records in the chaotic closing days of the administration.”

It should be recalled that Haberman is the one who shared images of what she claims are notes written by Trump that were flushed down a toilet the same day as the Mar-a-Lago raid through her media allies and while promoting her new book.

According to Haberman and her sources, Trump’s resolution of “political grievances and personal grudges” during the closing weeks of his administration prevented Meadows from “organizing an effort to gather, box, and send papers to the National Archives.”

When claims that Trump handled documents improperly first appeared in February, Meadows scoffed at the stories and denied the claims.

On February 10, Meadows said to Newsmax, “We were very careful to make sure we maintained those records, and ultimately, I think the record will reveal that. After the FBI searched the home of his former boss on the same grounds, he has kept silent.

At the same time, previous reports claim the alleged classified documents were taken to Mar-a-Lago on purpose by someone close to Trump.

According to the insider, “They [the FBI] won’t come out empty handed.” As if Trump had the audacity to carry out what they claimed he did. The only scenario that might have occurred is if a subversive employee had hidden it in a box that had been hauled away in January 2021.

According to several sources, the operation was “based” in significant part on information provided to the FBI by an anonymous source who claimed that Trump was “hiding” classified materials.

This undercover FBI asset, according to the article, was close enough to the president and knowledgeable about Mar-a-Lago to describe in detail what those documents contained and identify their position for the FBI before the search.

Meadows has spent months speaking out against the Biden administration and Democrats while working for the Conservative Policy Institute. She has also defended conservative policies while remaining close to the former president throughout the January 6 Committee’s investigation.

In fact, the former president was reportedly considering Meadows to be his future 2024 vice president pick, according to a report by Politico published in November 2021.

In his book “The Chief’s Chief,” Meadows claimed that Trump tested positive for COVID-19 three days prior to his first presidential debate with Biden. Shortly after, however, Trump accused Meadows of misrepresenting his COVID-19 diagnosis.

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  1. Sharon Churchill


    1. Richard


    2. lance troupe

      You speak words of truth.

    3. Yollie Glatfelter

      Jan6 need to be investigated Pelosi BLM ANTIFA FBI D/C police Those who died need justice

  2. Lisa Noel

    As Sharon Churchill said
    Leave our rightful President
    The Democrats corrupt Biden Administration with Clinton’s and Biden Family have done
    Everything they can to Ruin
    TRUMPS chance to run again. The reason that is being done Guess. The demoncrat dirty tricks. They have always been in corruption it will never change. Crimes against Humanity is their motto.
    We Love you President Donald J. Trump. Your Loyal Friend Braveheart.

    1. Rick Rzucidlo

      You got that DAMN WRIGHT TRUMP 2024 !!!!

    2. Bill

      I am 86 years old and have lived through World War 2 and all the wars since then. I believe Trump won the election between him and Biden. Trump had thousands with and overflow crowd at his rallies. Biden stayed in the basement and could not fill a HS gym with supporters. The democrats used drop ballot boxes, crooked vote counters, Dominion voting machines that changed votes and other ways to get Biden in office. Biden has given out nation sky high inflation that is hurting all Americans. Remember Biden’s words when he said “we put together I think the most extensive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics”. That was one time he told the truth. He and the democrats have been a disaster for our country. Vote all Democrats out in the Midterm elections.

  3. Joann Quick

    I would not believe anything that was told to CNN or The New York Times. There are some people would tell lies if there was enough money involved or to sell a book. This investigation is going to turn around and bite the FBI and Garland in their behinds. God will deal with these people. Remember, his word says “DO NOT TOUCH MY ANOINTED”. God bless President Trump and his family. I believe President Trump will be in the White House before 2024.

    1. Nora See

      We know the 2020 election was corrupted and Criminal Biden did not win! We want our President Trump back in office now!

  4. Gloria A Coon

    President Trump is the duly elected President and the rightful winner of the white house. I’m sick of the left and even some of the Rinos constantly attacking him. I plead the blood of Yeshua over our Land and our President . ! He has proven over and over again his loyalty to the American people, the Constitution, and our flag. Truly God alone puts in office and takes down. Do you think God is trying to show our people something? We need to return to a land under God. Stand up for what we believe in whether or not it’s the most popular idea or it’s politically correct!

  5. Richard Riley

    For eight years President Donald John Trump has been under investigation by the worlds most premiere Law enforcement and the NSA.
    The whole time distracted from his duties that he volunteered to take on for the American people,and still made America more prosperous than any Politician since George Washinton . No President in History has ever been under investigation to this intensity. Not one bit of evidence has been produced . That in itself speeks for itself . One other man was persecuted to this extent in all the world’s history . Though not a comparison , ” They crucified him ” .

    1. Shirley Baird

      They have tried to assassinate him from what I read over 25 times. I can’t believe this poor man still wants to try and save our nation. I TRUELY LOVE HIM FOR ALL HE HAS GONE THROUGH!!

  6. Mark Compton

    It’s clear the left is on a witch hunt. Biden needs to be impeached ASAP. We do not need a president who hasn’t read the constitution, in which he is supposed to be defending. Our 2nd ammendment is very clear. It shall not be infringed. Our forefathers thought about this in great detail. They didn’t leave room for its interpretation. It was very clear. Unlike some of our leaders who want to limit our rights as much as possible. In fact, gun control of any kind, and for whatever reason; is plain unconstitutional.

    1. Darla Shamhart


      1. Darla Shamhart

        “BRAVO”! ” BRAVO”!!! 🇺🇸🙏❤️🇺🇸☮️✌️🇺🇸🙏

    2. Gayle

      I have never. Seen such unfailing people in my life get out of my country and leave my president alone you people have no feelings at all of

    3. Sylvia Davis

      Impeached!!! Please!!!!

    4. Elizabeth

      Impeach Joe Biden soon!!!!!

  7. Lou

    You people are willing to report half truths and lies in order to get a rise in clicks. I clicked on in order to tell you you are not appreciated when you do such. You must be having difficulty making an honest living. Nevertheless cease and desist causing trouble for WE THE PEOPLE whom Trump works for. He is OUR PRESIDENT.

  8. Richard


  9. Nora See

    God bless our President Trump for making America first. He is always kept that promise and still keeping it to this day. The evil government does not want our President Trump in office because they know the truth is out and their punishment is due. Can’t wait to see it

  10. Archie LEA

    Thus Says the LORD God of Hosts in Jesus Christ Name amen and amen Impeach Biden administration Says IAM who Iam Amen and amen

  11. Raymond Barton

    Joe Biden administration is the worst in history.

  12. Kermit kroll

    If most of trump’s oppressors weren’t guilty of treason they would not care about him one way or another.

  13. Leonardo

    Absolutamente… DONALD TRUMP, ha sido y entrará a la HISTORIA UNIVERSAL como:
    EL MEJOR PRESIDENTE DE LOS ESTADOS UNIDOS!!! No tengo dudas!! Y como yo 300 millones de norteamericanos a lo largo y ancho de esta GRAN NACIÓN!!! … Los Estados Unidos de AMERICA!!! Viva DONALD Trump!!! Vivan los EEUU 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  14. Elizabeth

    Adam Schiff need to resine.

  15. Robert Raymond Abell

    Personally I don’t believe the Taxpayers should have the Burden of supplying these Traitors in Prison. I’m sorry the belief and Understanding that we should go back to Public Hangings. Great History Lesson for Young Minds and tells the rest of the World what we do to Traitors. I also believe that their Collective Wealth should be Confiscated and given back to the Poor and Taxpayers from witch it was stolen from. They’ve been clamoring for years how they are the ones taking care of the Poor. We see the proof in the streets of California in which they have destroyed. All in the name of Democracy. Witch every Constitutional Republic individual knows is an out right Lie. We were silent when they removed Noah Webster Dictionary written in 1828 and the Ten Commandments and Pledge of Allegiance and the Star Spangled Banner from our Schools Public Building’s and Government. In the early sixties. We were also silent when Nixon came out with his World Trade Agreement. Just like when he removed the Gold backing our Dollar. Just like when he devided this Country into ten different states just for Corporate reason’s. Witch by the way is a direct violation of our Constitution. They didn’t say anything when the Supreme Court came out with RowVWade. Now all that crap has come back to bite us in the Backside. Question is are we going to allow them to turn us into a Lying Socialist Tyrannical Government Country? Because that’s what is staring us in the Face. God Bless America and the Rule of Law. If we intend to make this Country great again. We need repent and ask God for his Forgiveness. Because contrary to what most people think this Country was established with God Fearing people. So far the only thing Backward is the Deadbeat Democrats Deep State Swamp. I’m the least Educated of all of y’all. But I know the Definition of Yes and No and the answer to four questions. Is this Good, Bad, Right and Wrong for me. That alone puts me head and shoulders above all the Intellectuals that are dictating Policy for the rest of the Country. My instruction Manual tells me that I don’t have to chase a peace of paper from a man sitting in a cubicle reading a book. Most likely it’s Chairman Mao’s little Red book now days. I can’t believe you Educated folks have allowed this to happen to us. God’s speed Trump Train all the way to the White House. I can only imagine how our Forefathers feel knowing this what all our Precious Veterans died for. God I plead for your Forgiveness In Christ Jesus name Amen Hallelujah. All day long Yahoo

  16. Robert Raymond Abell

    I really don’t know what you mean by using cookies??? Someone is going to have to explain it because it’s beyond my imagination. Sounds like a Pervert trying to pick up a child. Forgive me because I hope that’s not what it is. All day long Yahoo

    1. Alice

      Really LOL you don’t know? Okay. When you visit a website, they send cookies to your computer. Cookies are small text files that are stored on your web browser that track and collect data about different websites you visit, and then that data is sent back to the website that asked you to allow cookies. Companies like Google, and other companies, want that data so that they can market items to you that you’re interested in. Personally I think it’s rather invasive

      1. lance troupe

        Thanks, for that lesson about cookies, I was told not to except cookies but didn’t know how cookies works but now because of your great explanation I know.

  17. Elizabeth

    Impeach Joe Biden soon !!!!!!

  18. Elizabeth

    JOE BIDEN need to go to prison he cheated the election was stolen.

    1. Alice

      Oh please, grow up. Since when does somebody go to prison for cheating in an election? The answer is never

  19. Elizabeth


  20. John

    Take the House and the senate and charge them with TREASON.. thay have all gone way too far it’s TIME JALL!!!!!

  21. Robert Bolanos

    Ocasio and all those so call liberals hipócritas falsos put them out.

  22. Alice

    So what if Meadows hasn’t said anything in support of trump since the Mar-A-Lago raid. He already said what he has to say, it’s not necessary for him to repeat himself. Whenever a story comes from an “anonymous inside source” or “people close to the situation”, I have to question the validity of what they’re saying if they’re not willing to identify who they are

  23. Elizabeth


  24. Andre Muller


  25. Karen

    Most of these Criminal Treasonous Greedy Demoralized Democrats if investigated still won’t be charged. By the time We are Blessed Back In Power, the Statue of Limitations will have ran out for most of these Criminal Evil Thefts to be Charged! We still have to watch Our Beautiful Country Suffer for 2 More Years, then it will take some more time to get things started. But We All Know Who The Big Judge Is! If they do not get their punishment in this Life they Will Sure get it in the Next.

  26. Elizabeth

    Nancy Pelosi and Schumer need to be kicked out of congress. Soon

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