You are currently viewing Building your own NFT in Ethereum Testnet |  by Eladio Robles |  Coinmonks |  Jan, 2023

Building your own NFT in Ethereum Testnet | by Eladio Robles | Coinmonks | Jan, 2023

1. Create Smart Contracts using OpenZeppelin Wizard

Using this link you can access to Wizard tool which is mainly used to create different type of Tokens in Solidity

Choose ERC721 if you want to create an NFT (Non Fungible Token). You’ll be able to choose which features you want to add and also Name and Symbol for your NFT in side Bar

Hereby an example of NFT Creation:

Name: Eroblesca Token

Symbol: ERT

Mintable: ✓

Burnable: ✓

Enumerable: ✓

URI Storage: ✓

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2. Copy/Open this Smart Contract in Remix

Once you customized your NFT, you could export it to Remix using the “Open in Remix” button

3. Showing Ethereum Testnets in Metamask

Open Metamask and go to “Settings” — “Advanced” — “Show Test Networks”

4. Get free “geth” from the Alchemy faucet

Copy your Public Metamask Account by clicking on your account public direction

Go to Alchemy Faucet in this Link and get Free geth from Testnet faucet only pasting your wallet (Previously copied from Metamask) in alchemy goerli faucet

5. Compile

It’s possible to access Remix via Wizard or by clicking this link

Go to Remix and compile the Smart Contract. In left bar, solidity icon should appear with a green check

6. Deploy in Blockchain

After compile is successfully done click in the next side bar icon and we should change deploying environment by clicking and choosing injected Metamask. Then confirms it on Metamask pop-up

Then we should go to Metamask and choose Goerli Blockchain to deploy in Metamask

7. Launch NFT in Goerli

Deploy it clicking on Deploy and confirm deployment in Metamask

8. Verify the Smart Contract

Finally we could use the interface in Remix or verify the Smart Contract in Etherscan BlockExplorer creating an account and then, we’ll be able to create an API Key in our Ethercan Account

Activate Verify Contracts Plugin in Remix and paste Api Key (previously copied in Blockexplorer)

After it click on “house” icon in side bar, choose your Smart Contract Name and paste the Smart Contract direction (showed in deploy or in Goerli Etherscan)

Finally checks if it’s verified pasting your Smart Contract Direction in Goerli Etherscan Search Bar

9. Upload NFT image and Metadata to IPFS

1. Sign Up in Filebase IPFS Platform

Sign Up in Filebase and Log In

2. Create a Bucket

Create a Bucket in Filebase

3. Upload NFT Image to bucket

4. Create metadata.json

Metadata is basically a .json file which contains the properties of the NFT, attributes and link to the NFT image. You could use this online editor to modify this metadata.json

Hereby an example:

“description”: “Testing Blockchain”,
“external_url”: “”,
“image”: “”,
“name”: “”,
“attributes”: [
“trait_type”: “Type”,
“value”: “Testing”
“trait_type”: “Master”,
“value”: “Blockchain”
“trait_type”: “Workshop”,
“value”: “Smart Contracts”
“trait_type”: “Level”,
“value”: 10

Copy and paste this code in the online .json editor and replace the image url pasting your “IPFS Gateway URL” showed in Filebase ipfs when you upload the NFT image

Change other attributes, description, name,..but always maintaining the .json structure

Once you change all, open text editor in your computer copy the code and save it as .json file and upload it to your bucket (the same bucket wich contains the NFT image)

5. Create an NFT

Go back to your smart contract in remix you already deployed. Copy your metadata CID code in Filebase IPFS

Go to “Safemint” function and paste “ipfs://” in “uri” field and your Metamask wallet address in “to:” field

Click in “transact” (under “uri” field) and confirm your transaction in Metamask

6. Look you NFT on Testnet OpenSea Marketplace

Go to Testnet OpenSea MarketPlace and paste your wallet address to see your minted NFT

10. Send NFTs to another Wallets

Add NFT created to your Metamask by pasting Smart Contract direction

Go to your new NFT and click send, then, paste your destination Metamask account

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