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Bringing web2 to web3; Opus-Labs. What is Opus-labs? | by Michelangelo | Coinmonks | Sep 2022

What is Opus-labs?

How will Opus-Labs help me as a web2 brand?

What will an individual gain from Opus-Labs?

Why should a brand or an individual trust and partner with Opus-Labs?


Opus-Labs is an onboarding platform for web2 companies into web3. The organization was created by successful web2 entrepreneurs who have made the transition to web3 and are willing to help other web2 companies do the same.

The goal is simple;

The future is decentralized

And the earlier companies join the ecosystem of the future, the better it is for them to reap the benefits of the future. The lab has many benefits for companies willing to move to web3 and for individuals in web3. Let us find out how to benefit…

Opus-Labs will help your brand to establish its presence in web3 by using web3 strategies and technologies. For instance, your brand has a following already in web2, but people are moving to web3 where your brand is not there presently. In order to enter web3, your brand must do what other brands are doing when they move to web3. These include:

Where your fans can gather to discuss things that are peculiar to your brand and your fans

This product serves as proof of belonging to your web3 community. It can be a token or an NFT (NONFUNGIBLE TOKEN). This product will entice people to your community; it is not complete without a utility.

Your NFT or token is insufficient to keep people in your community as a web3 brand. What will your holders gain by holding your coin or NFT? This is what keeps your community together. The utility may include but is not limited to:

  • Royalties ( some monies)
  • Access to product launching events
  • Governance power
  • Claim a physical product with your NFT
  • A pass to another NFT collection in the future

Opus-Labs will take your brand from web2 through the options above and deliver your brand successfully into web3.

While the lab is thinking of onboarding brands, web3 is more than just brands, web3 is all of us. So what will you gain from Opus-Labs as an individual? There are levels to this web3 thing and from Opus, you will gain the following:

The NFT product of the Opus-Labs gives you numerous options in the organization which include:

  • Access to the brands coming into the lab: you will be one of the first people to interact with the brands on the platform, get early access, and earn some bonuses and other incentives.
  • You will get access to the founders of the program: your NFT and being the in the group will give you access to the brain behind the labs. We are talking about over 200 years of experience across various business sectors (entrepreneurship, finance, art, public relation, legal, and others). No other project gives you direct access to its founders. However, it is here.

When brands come into web3 from web2 through Opus-Labs, they will be needing different types of workers from those they have in web2. Individuals in the Opus-Labs community will get the first-hand opportunity to apply for jobs like moderators, collab managers, developers, finance and business analyst, product managers, and others. Opus-Labs is a self-sustaining ecosystem on the blockchain. To think it will work with all blockchains available is mind-blowing. Well, that is why it is a lab.

There is a feeling that web3 projects give nowadays…

I have seen this somewhere

Unfortunately, some projects have made it their priority to copy other projects and just run away with money from the community they got through hype and FUD.

Opus-Labs is one and first of its kind in terms of all the perks, you will benefit from the lab. The following is why you should trust Opus-Lab:

  • Utility and roadmap: The project has a utility that is sustainable and a roadmap that is in sync with the utility. This is rare, however, the team has successfully merged the two most important factor in a project and infused it into this project. You can afford to miss out.
  • Organization: The lab is highly organized and functions like a traditional company, though this company is a web3. They have staff with job portfolios. You can tell who to reach out to from the profile description and the team is very responsive to queries.
  • Doxxed team: For a newcomer, you may be wondering what doxx means; to a pro, it is a walk in the park. Doxxing is the public declaration of the identity of the team behind a project. This is a very important step to building trust in the community; When the team has a face and a public profile. This also serves to assure investors that the team will not disappear overnight. The Opus-Labs team is doxxed.
Founder/ CEO Bryan Ottens

Bryan Ottens — Founder/CEO

COO — Joe Veteri

Joe Veteri — CO

Investor Relations — Vlad Ouritski

Vlad Ouritski — Investor Relations

Art director — Andrew Ford

Andrew Ford — Executive art director

CTO-Daniel Bright

Daniel Bright — CTO

CFO — Jim Van Grouw

Jim Van Grow — CFO

Legal — Olivia Michalski-ottens

Olivia Michalski-ottens — Legal

Opus-Labs is the place where brands will be going to onboard their company to web3. You should be there before them so that you can show them around, and of course, benefit from each other. To join Opus-Labs, visit:




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