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According to The Gateway Pundit, the scene of sensitive documents being found on the floor during the FBI search at Mar-a-Lago has been doctored, with files and other details linked with the picture being inserted.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) used the picture to persuade the judge to permit them to preserve the confidential documents they acquired during the raid

THIS ENTIRE THING WAS FALSE. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) invented the crime scene, added their evidence, and then photoshopped the document. WHAT A SHAME THIS IS.

1. We know that the FBI desired this location to provide the appearance of a crime scene.

We are aware of this because the photograph submitted to the court has the number 2A written at the bottom of it, indicating that it was taken at the scene of a crime, and some measuring tape spanning the bottom of the photograph. The crooked FBI agents were the ones who threw the photos on the ground. They acted out this scenario.

We are aware of this because the containers were located directly next door. Should the FBI have desired to photograph the documents, they would have been laid on a table for the photographer to view. The appearance that they are dispersed throughout the floor is merely for the show to give the impression that this is how they were discovered, which is a falsehood, as will be explained further below. In addition, the cabinets are near the documents, which suggests that this was most likely where the records were kept. They were not supported on the ground anywhere.

2. Agents from the FBI superimposed documents over the photograph.

The FBI was responsible for inserting the cover sheets seen in the previous image that was colored red, yellow, and brown. These are the cover sheets used by the FBI. This is something we are aware of for a variety of reasons. Because they already possessed their cover sheets, the Trump White House did not require these cover sheets to be included in the records they retained.

Looking at the picture up top more closely, you can see that the document directly above the 2A has been folded back. The papers have been appropriately bound together by using staples. If you examine that batch, you will notice that the document in question has already been provided with a cover sheet. It requests that you “Please store in…” This is the actual cover sheet for the document.

After then, the cover sheets in the colors red, yellow, and brown were inserted. If you look closely, you’ll notice that the yellow cover sheets are attached to the documents with paper clips. The documents were likely stapled together. The Federal Bureau of Investigation added them; thus, they are paperclipped.


There are patches of white color scattered all around the photo. It is appropriate for the FBI to take photographs of the crime scene, cover any classified material with paper, and then take additional pictures of the background to ensure that no classified information is revealed. On the other hand, we are aware that these white areas in the photo are redactions.

Are you still on the fence about whether or not the FBV and the DOJ should be abolished? Then we start over and make it a policy not to hire anyone who has ever held a position at either of those two organizations. Congress must then hobble them so they can still do their jobs, but anyone who goes rogue to gain political benefit will be sent to prison. This is heading beyond the point of no return. If what the Gateway Pundit is saying is accurate, and I have no reason to dispute them, then this is the kind of crime that should land someone in jail, and someone needs to take responsibility for it.

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