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Biden Handed Another Lawsuit That Could Jeopardize Key Legislation

The Democratic Party in the United States has seen a significant leftward movement. This dangerously liberal mindset has been creeping closer and closer to dictatorship. Democrats want to a form of authoritarian leadership akin to that of Communist China.

Progressives thumb their aristocratic noses at the established order. They seek total control over the lives of Americans. The way the Joe Biden administration disregards the U.S. Constitution makes these goals abundantly clear. Americans have no right to criticize his dishonest administration.

Any anyone who challenges or rejects the radical political goal of the far left is falsely accused of being a dangerous extremist. Do as you are instructed, move aside, and keep your mouth shut. Joe Biden has used a variety of unconstitutional tactics to gain power as a result of this mindset.

Biden attempted to force millions of Americans to have vaccinations against their will. While millions continued to opt out of receiving the COVID-19 shot in favor of losing their employment, millions more gave in to Biden’s draconian edict.

Joe Biden brandished his magic marker around like a despot from a developing country. Biden used his magic wand in an autocratic manner to erase loans totaling trillions of dollars. Biden believes he has the power to waive student loan debt.

There was no mention of how the debt would be borne by the millions of Americans who chose not to enroll in college. It was a vote-buying political gimmick. Biden exceeded his bounds of propriety. Joe Biden is not in charge of erasing the debt that millions of Americans have to pay.

It was wrong, and the majority of Americans feel it’s wrong. But Joe Biden did it anyway. However, his blind sense of all-powerfulness is being challenged in court. Most experts believe it was illegal for Joe Biden to abruptly cancel trillions in student loan debt.

The Pacific Legal Foundation (PLF) filed suit to challenge Biden’s policy. The lawsuit contends that Biden used the 2003 Heroes Act as a basis for his student loan cancellation fiasco. The two scenarios are not even close to being related. The PLF insists the plan is “flagrantly illegal.”

Congress authorized the Heroes Act. However, Congress did not authorize Joe Biden to indiscriminately erase trillions of student loan debt. Pacific Legal Foundation attorney Caleb Kruckenberg issued the following statement regarding the lawsuit.

Kruckenberg insisted, “It’s flagrantly illegal for the executive branch to create a $500 billion program by press release, and without statutory authority or even the basic notice and comment procedure for new regulations.”

Again, the Pacific Legal Foundation case’s foundation rests on the fact that “Congress did not authorize the executive branch to unilaterally cancel student debt.” Joe Biden did it without the authority to do so. He’s done this type of dictatorial thing multiple times.

The PLF statement went on to say, “Canceling student debt is unjust to those who have paid their loans or never took any. It will only lead to more calls for government intervention in education at taxpayers’ expense.”

According to data from the Brookings Institution, the wealthiest 20 percent of Americans owe more than 33 percent of all student loan debt. This is a political ploy to buy votes from the liberals’ rich donors. Most blue-collar Americans lean conservative.

The majority never took out a student loan. These Americans went to work to earn a living. They paid for tools, equipment, or dependable transportation. The liberals have no intention of forgiving any of these types of debts. It’s about liberal thinkers who attended liberal colleges.

That’s where the bulk of their support base lies. After one year at a university or college, students “demonstrate an increase in appreciative attitudes toward liberals.” College students, the same students who Biden is handing out a freebie, are encouraged to grow more liberal.

Biden is doing nothing more than providing a convenient handout for a brainwashed block of potential voters. Again, it’s a political scam. But it’s also an unconstitutional political scam. Joe Biden doesn’t have and never did have the authority to erase student debt.


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