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Beyond the Blog: Benefits of Whitepaper | by Codezeros | Coinmonks | Sep 2022

The power of a blog cannot be explained. It is one of the most indispensable and valuable communication tools out there. And this is that tool which we suggest for our customers for various reasons.

The truth is that most people nowadays have their blogs, and thus the criteria sometimes get loose. However, various other content formats can be of additional value and get higher expectation levels, like the whitepaper.

Beyond the Blog: Benefits of Whitepaper

Where to start?

To begin with it, any modern whitepaper solutions company will suggest you make a creative brief. This action will help you to outline each of the necessary details that are needed to establish from the very beginning.

Additionally, it works as a great resource that you can share with the internal stakeholders to gather every one of them on the same page. It also makes sure that it fits within the overall positioning of the company.

Some of the important matters that need to be included in the creative brief are as follows:

  1. Put a thorough description of the initiative
  2. Outline the piece’s big idea or what it is focusing on
  3. The supporting things need to be highlighted
  4. The primary audience must be identified beforehand
  5. Think about how the readers will be benefited from it
  6. Focus on what you want to achieve
  7. Determine what are the actions that you want your readers to take
  8. And finally, create a timeline

Tips for content creation:

Some of the necessary whitepaper solutions And tips that you need to follow while creating content are as given below:

It would be best if you considered co-writing with experts from other industries. Or else, you get a relevant quote from an authorized person and include it in your content to provide better support.

In this regard, there is not much difference between a blog post and writing on a whitepaper, as you will need to create an eye-catching title for both to draw the attention of readers.

Try to make it intriguing and powerful as much as you can give them a little idea about your topic beforehand. Make use of active verbs that will convince them to take action.

  • Inform them about things they do not know:

Share some exclusive insights or unknown facts with your readers that they might not know unless they go through the whitepaper. Give it a thought-provoking touch as much as possible.

Just a bunch of words may make the readers sloppy. Thus, make use of colors, fonts, and include eye-catching photographs to highlight the key points in your writing.

You need to do proper research on various topics like Ethereum whitepaper development to provide supportive information and stats. Or you may also have a conversation with the subject matter experts to get a clear view on the topic.

  • Maintain the correct length:

Your piece should be long enough to convey the entire message you want your readers to get. Do not make it too short, and do not add fluff as well to increase the length unnecessary.

Do the promotional planning:

Do not just put it on the website and wait for people to find it. It will help if you are ready with a promotion plan from the very beginning.

  1. Create a few blog posts on your selected topic in advance to position credibility.
  2. Before making your piece officially public, give exclusive access to a few of your customers.
  3. Opt for both paid and organic promotion, and make use of social media channels for blockchain whitepaper solutions.
  4. Include CTA (call-to-action) in the website’s other logical places where the visitors might notice it.
  5. Share your thoughts with publications and online resources that might be interested in featuring your work.

Benefits of whitepaper:

Some of the significant benefits of blockchain whitepaper writing are as follows:

1. Lead generation:

Whitepapers have a high conversion rate, as they consist of both educational content and direct marketing material. The perfect combination of persuasion and learning makes them one of the best marketing tools available out there.

2. It spreads expertise:

A whitepaper can be used to spread expertise and establish a better brand image. By adding a short description of your company and what it does will showcase your expertise and credentials in the field.

3. Increases engagement:

By making the readers download your whitepaper, you are improving engagement. The deliberate behavior of the user in the huge world of marketing will cause them to invest in your company.

4. Helps to build mailing lists:

You can give your users a gift and ask them to sign up for your newsletter in advance. A free whitepaper is an attractive gift. Make sure that your content is of the highest quality, has actionable information, relevant to your audience and you as well. This will motivate them to subscribe.


A whitepaper is an in-depth and authoritative piece that is used to educate the readers on your unique viewpoint. However, many people prefer it as an old-school method and are no more lustrous nowadays.

But the truth is that if it is crafted correctly, the ROI (Return on Investment) will be valuable and will contribute to lead generation, brand awareness creation, and establishment of reputation.

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