You are currently viewing Best Ways to Keep Up with All the Crypto Updates |  by Gaurav Agrawal |  Coinmonks |  Nov, 2022

Best Ways to Keep Up with All the Crypto Updates | by Gaurav Agrawal | Coinmonks | Nov, 2022

The crypto world is constantly changing, and there’s something new happening almost every day. Crypto conferences and events are one of the best ways to keep up with the constantly evolving crypto industry.

If you’ve invested in cryptocurrency or bitcoin, staying ahead of market changes is essential. However, it’s easy sometimes to miss important crypto dates with everything happening.

We’ve made this handy guide to avoid any FOMO that comes with missing important crypto dates. Read on to find out where to stay updated on crypto information, so you’re always informed and ready.

When it comes to real-time crypto conversations, Twitter is the place to be. You can follow your favorite projects and the teams behind them, influencers in the crypto space, and other crypto enthusiasts like you to stay updated on discussions, news, and thoughts on the crypto world.

When you follow the right people and hashtags on Twitter, you can rest assured that you’ll be one of the first to know about important crypto topics such as key announcements and any changes within the blockchain.

However, ‘Crypto Twitter’ isn’t just about the news. Stay active on Twitter and you’ll also find other fun stuff such as cool crypto memes.

If you’re a crypto investor, this is a website you cannot miss out on. From current market prices to market capitalization, and trading volumes, CoinGecko has everything you want to know (and more!) about cryptocurrencies.

That’s not all, this website also has heaps of other attractive features that make it easy for you to keep track of, trade, buy, and sell your cryptocurrency. Here, you can “favorite” the coins you want to keep track of by adding them to your portfolio. This makes it easier to access the information of the coins you wish to follow at a later date.

CoinGecko is the one-stop site to get all the updates and information about cryptocurrencies.

Similar to Twitter, Telegram and Discord is where you can find most of the crypto community. The groups here will help you stay up to date on new projects in the crypto world.

CoinGecko often has the official Telegram group and Discord server at the top of the projects on the site. This is because these are two places where you can get the most accurate and up-to-date information from the team behind the project. You can also interact with the group of early adopters and enthusiasts.

That’s not all; Telegram groups and Discord servers can also be used to judge the overall interest in a new project or the overall utility of a specific token.

This might not come as a surprise, but crypto blogs are a great way to stay updated on the crypto world. Several blogs are available online today on various crypto topics, so it can sometimes be tough to differentiate between blogs with genuine information or otherwise.

A helpful tip to follow authentic blogs is to look out for blogs by respected thought leaders in the industry. These blogs will usually have accurate information on the latest crypto trends.

If there are Crypto websites you follow, such as CoinGecko or Binance, it might be worthwhile to see if they host a blog with more in-depth information and opinions on Medium or Substack. These two sites are also good for stumbling upon other crypto blogs.

What better place to get all the latest information on a crypto project you’re interested in than on its official website?

Crypto project websites usually have the most accurate and updated information on a particular project along with a roadmap of the project and where it’s headed.

If you’re unsure of the official website for a particular project, use a trusted source such as CoinGecko to get the links. This is to avoid potential scam websites.

You can judge the authenticity of a website and the project with the kind of information on it. If its links to social media, blogs, and other information is interesting, it’s most likely a worthwhile investment.

There are several websites, such as Into the Block, Glassnode, Lunar Crush, Etherscan, and, where you can get the latest data and analytics from the blockchain.

Each of these websites has its own USPs. Glassnode, for example, gives you on-chain data and metrics for popular blockchains. You can compare data for new crypto addresses, the number of active addresses, the flow of cryptocurrencies, and the percentage of Bitcoin in profit.

On the other hand, LunarCrush is the best place for updates on crypto social media trends. For information on what is happening on the blockchain, Etherscan and are where you can go.

Last but not least, the most interactive (and probably the most fun) way to stay updated on what’s happening in the crypto world is by attending crypto conferences and events.

Not only do these events give you the latest information on what’s happening in the world of crypto, it’s also a great way to meet and network with other crypto enthusiasts.

If you don’t have any crypto conferences in your city soon, why not host a small crypto side event yourself?

It will be a good way to interact with the crypto community in your city. You might even meet someone who can fund your next project or help you advance your career.

Check out Spacehunter to find cool event locations near you to host your crypto event. That’s not all. Spacehuntr also has a team of experts who will guide you with all the information you need to make your event a success!

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