You are currently viewing APT’s popular project Mojito falls below IDO’s lowest price |  by Jiang Meng |  Coinmonks |  Oct, 2022

APT’s popular project Mojito falls below IDO’s lowest price | by Jiang Meng | Coinmonks | Oct, 2022

Recently, the residual heat of the APTOS mainnet launch is still there, and many projects on the APT chain have followed the popularity. Players also hope to seize short-term opportunities.

But after all, it is a bear market, and the liquidity is too poor. Some projects may not come to do things, but to lay out and harvest.


For example, Mojito, the first IDO project on the APT chain, which was originally very popular, was not satisfactory when it was launched.

After it went online on October 23, the website crashed for a while, and the depth was even worse. It is said that the project party only took out 2wu as a pool.

MOJO’s launch plummeted, and players participating in IDO lost first. From the data on the chain, it is marked as the wallet address of the project party, and the 560,000 APTs raised by IDO have been transferred to the platform to sell, which is a smash!

If the timing of participating in the primary market is not right, it will be a matter of minutes to break the market. Not everyone can play the primary market.

MOJO 15 minutes K line

The risk in the primary market has always been higher, with 99% of projects returning to zero after a surge. 10 minutes before and after is a completely different trend. There are also many cottages in the wallet of ChuxiaoLian, the number of which is hundreds of millions, but has no value at all.

Communicate with the old players who entered the game in 2017, and some people play cottages and IDOs, and they have all returned to zero. At that time, the wrong target was selected, there was no mainstream token, and the cottage was back to zero. It was a waste of time for a few years.

2017 1Usdt EOS is back to 1Usdt

There are often group friends who say that a certain project is in IDO, whether it can be voted, it is said that there may be many times the chance.

I am not optimistic about this type of project. There is no liquidity in the bear market, and the 10U God of War is just sending fuel. It is better to give up directly than to have a high probability of returning to zero.

Especially if you still don’t understand or understand the projects, you will definitely not get good results if you follow them.

Any industry is the rule of 28, no homework is done, and the first-hand information is not obtained.

Basic zero copy of HTmoon

After the APT airdrop last week, those who interacted in advance seized the opportunity. Airdropping has become the focus of the circle. Many people are looking for interactive tutorials and want to seize the opportunity in advance.

But most of them give up automatically if they can’t finish an interaction. It’s really not easy.

First of all, the basic tools stop most people. If the tools are not completed, the subsequent interactions cannot be continued; the more difficult ones are interactive operations, wallets, water collection, interaction and so on.

The first operation is very difficult. Either you have enough motivation and ability to learn, or you just give up.

Even more uncertain is that 10 interactions are made, not a single airdrop, and the eleventh one you give up may be an opportunity. Airdrops are not easy either, or be prepared for a long-term struggle.

sui interactive tutorial

There are also friends who play scheduled votes. They cannot receive positive feedback on their account balances in a short period of time. Some people give up after betting.

The bear market fluctuates at a low level, ups and downs, short-term sideways and long-term bullish. It is a simple thing to keep doing, but it requires a long wait, peace of mind, and firm belief.

One day the entire market plummeted, one day related to ZC was released, one day a certain project returned to zero, and the market uncertainty was too great.

BTC daily fluctuation

Most people lose money in a bear market, and there are few short-term opportunities. Many people left the arena and stopped playing, and some who quietly entered the arena began to actively study and bucked the trend.

Accumulate in a bear market, and only gain opportunities in a bull market; Those who remain in a bear market can only be prepared for long-term hardships.

The above is just my personal opinion, no investment advice. I’m ChuxiaoLian, and I’m following the metaverse and web3.​

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