You are currently viewing After doing the zkSync interactive test, can the airdrop really earn 10 times the revenue?  |  by Jiang Meng |  Coinmonks |  Oct, 2022

After doing the zkSync interactive test, can the airdrop really earn 10 times the revenue? | by Jiang Meng | Coinmonks | Oct, 2022

I have operated the zkSync interactive tutorial in the past two days, which is a bit more complicated than the SUI interaction. Recently, the fomo of the airdrop is too emotional, and I am embarrassed to communicate in the circle without doing a few interactions.

zkSync is the extension and privacy engine of Ethereum. It is an L2 extension solution. The popular understanding is that zkSync operation has lower gas fees, which partially optimizes the transaction congestion and expensive problems on the Ethereum chain.

Starting from the needs and purposes of airdrops, zkSync can be understood as another chain, which has the advantages of its own technology and gas fees, and it is also possible to create its own ecology.

In addition to the advantages of transfer transactions on zkSync itself, the ecological development on its chain determines the final development of the project.

zkSync is a L2 scaling solution

From multiple zkSync airdrop tutorials, the main interaction method is to register and create a zkSync wallet, and perform basic operations such as transfer and minting NFT.

There are also interactive tests on different projects in the zkSync ecosystem, but it is still unknown which project can send airdrops or whether zkSync will conduct airdrops for test users on its chain.

There are interactive tutorials on the Internet for different projects, some interactive tests have been completed, and some can continue.

Different project information on the zkSync chain

During this period of time, the airdrop is very hot. Several interactive tests such as Sui, zkSync, Arbitrum, Layerzero, Starkware, Aleo, Zetachain, etc., the airdrop expectations are particularly high.

These interactions have been started for several months, and some have finished testing and snapshots of interactive account information. Of course, if you can’t catch up with this batch of interactive tests, you can continue to pay attention to new projects in the later stage.

DOMANI has been closed for testing in the zkSync ecosystem

Airdrop means that the project party puts Token or NFT on the player’s wallet; which players can be airdropped depends on whether they conduct interactive tests on the project in the early stage, contribute to the project or provide operational data.

Some time ago, the mainnet of Aptos was launched, and each wallet that used to interact on the APT chain received 150 APTs, and some people applied for 100 wallet accounts with 500 wallets, which made huge profits.

Stimulated by the wealth of APT airdrops, more and more people are investing in the airdrop army.

However, under foreseeable circumstances, some people will give up after interacting with several projects, because the operation is time-consuming and labor-intensive, there are barriers, and some have gas fees; what is even more painful is that after the 3 interactive test, it may be–5 It took months to get results, or even no results.

Therefore, to make long-term preparations for airdrops, you also need to be hard-working enough.

many people in every popular airdrop project community

I saw a picture today and was very emotional.

In 2010, the price of Bitcoin was $0.06, and today it is $20k, an increase of 330,000 times.

Of course, almost no one will get such an increase. Even if they buy BTC at $100, they will sell it at $1,000; or if they enter the market at 1w, they may also sell at 2w. What is even more depressing is that players who bought in 6w last year may no longer believe in Bitcoin, and they have shrunk by 70%.

Many friends came into contact with Bitcoin in the last bull market in 2017, when it was less than $5k. After the 94 plunge, many people dare not enter the market anymore; more people have limited knowledge and cannot imagine that it will rise from 4,400 to 66,000 US dollars, a 15-fold increase in 4 years.

Of course, these are all past data, and no one could have known it earlier; More importantly, how many times will the future be bullish from now on? Or bearish to zero? Now is the time to seize future opportunities.

Bitcoin’s 12 Years of Price Volatility

It’s hard to say how many times the revenue of the airdrop will be, or which project will send the airdrop, everything is uncertain. Just like back then, no one could imagine that simply buying BTC and doing nothing would yield so many times the benefits.

The market and the general environment are full of uncertainties, and so is life, with opportunities and risks in it.

The above is just my personal opinion, no investment advice. I’m ChuxiaoLian, and I’m following the metaverse and web3.

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