You are currently viewing Advertising Grant for Crypto Projects |  by Bboushy |  Coinmonks |  Sep 2022

Advertising Grant for Crypto Projects | by Bboushy | Coinmonks | Sep 2022

Who Needs $100K free Marketing?

Presearch launched an advertising grant for crypto projects. Presearch will give ten legitimate crypto projects free marketing worth $100,000 each.

I’ll introduce you to Presearch, then we’ll cover:

  • Who qualifies for the advertising grant?
  • What you’ll get if you win one of the Presearch Grants
  • When you need to apply for the Presearch Grant
  • Where to go to apply for the marketing grant
  • Why you should apply for the grant now

Get ready to hyperdrive your marketing campaign!

Presearch is the only decentralized, privacy search engine that offers search-to-earn rewards to registered members. The search engine has been used since 2017 to help people aggregate results from their favorite search engines without collecting or sharing information.

It has more than 4 million searches daily from over 1 million monthly active users and provides low-cost marketing opportunities for crypto projects and small businesses. Who qualifies for the advertising grant?

Any crypto project can apply. There are ten categories:

  1. Privacy coins
  2. Layer 1 (L1) blockchains
  3. Layer 2 (L2) blockchains
  4. DeFi
  5. Metaverse and GameFi
  6. NFTs
  7. Web3 platforms (ie Lens, LBRY, Minds etc.)
  8. Infrastructure (ie Flux, Metamask, Rainbow, Akash, Uniswap etc.)
  9. stable coins
  10. Other

Each category will have one winner. Some categories have already received a lot of applications, while L1s and L2s have low competition. Check out Presearch’s announcement on Medium.

Each winner will get $100,000 worth of free marketing, which includes:

  1. $50K Keyword Advertising
  2. $45K Site Takeover
  3. $5K Social Exposure

Each of these is a unique opportunity to gain exposure across multiple platforms.

$50K Keyword Advertising

Presearch expects each project to get over 25,000 clicks from keyword staking. It will be managed by the marketing team at Presearch.

They are valuing the clicks at $2 per search, which is approximately a 50–67% discount on clicks compared to most crypto keywords on Google.

Example of ad placement for Uniswap.
Example of position of placement for Uniswap

$45K Site Takeover

The site takeover will replace the Presearch logo with your project’s logo for two days. That’s a powerful branding opportunity. Your logo will be seen approximately 4 million times across the globe.

Example of Presearch Site Takeover using Uniswap Logo

They are valuing this at $5.63 per 1,000 clicks. They had a typo of 5 days, which I think would have been better, but getting your logo in front of that many people is powerful. Given the real cost is free, you can’t ignore the value of this branding opportunity.

$5K Social Exposure

Discussing your participation on Twitter, Medium and YouTube will also help improve your exposure. Hopefully, this will give a lot of great crypto projects opportunities to increase their following and bring in some new investment for them.

September 30th, 2022 is the filing date to apply for the Presearch Grant. Make sure you apply for it by the end of the month. I’m about to tell you where to go to apply.

You’ll want to go to to apply. You’ll have to answer a few questions, including how to contact you and project information.

Make sure you submit the grant application before September 30, 2022.

Marketing costs for many businesses are 8% of revenue, but crypto projects often rely on community members to market their projects. Now you can test legitimate marketing campaigns.

This is a great opportunity to establish whether spending money on PPC or CPM search engine marketing is worth the financial investment.

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