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A better option than quiet quitting | by The Coop Evangelist | Coinmonks | Sep 2022

Stop employee exploitation with this idea.

Can we start off by saying that the unholy alliance of corporations and governments is the primary problem! We call this crony corporatism. Priority #1: Remove the power corporate money has from the government bureaucrat politicians. Now that we have that out of the way let’s discuss the quiet quitting phenomenon.

Quiet quitting is what happens when workers are finally DONE with being exploited by broken promises of future compensation.

The status quo is the corporation creates a job position with loosely defined performance requirements and expectation metrics. Then churns through employees till they find enough desperate suckers to trap into these positions. This has worked for the last forty years or so. However, with access to competitive positions via job boards workers are now discovering that they do not have to put up with being exploited. The workers are finally gaining some leverage.

However, we still need a viable solution to the worker exploitation problem! There are a few economic facts that must be addressed for any potential solutions to work.

  1. No enterprise can succeed without incentives to produce a product or service. Under capitalism, we call this a “profit motive”.
  2. Goods or services must be produced at a price that purchasers a willing to pay. The market will determine what the good or service is “worth”. Also, many corporations fail to recognize that customers are partners as well! No customer equals no corporation.
  3. Investor capital requires incentives. Those don’t necessarily have to be cash but investors don’t want to be exploited either.

Expecting something for nothing is theft!

Challenge: How to link compensation more accurately to performance.

So that producers are compensated appropriately for their work. We consider “work” to include labor, intellectual property, and social network capital resources. Yes, workers are more than just that number that goes into the labor expense line on accounting reports.

Solution: Every stakeholder is an owner-partner in the enterprise!

Yep, all the greed-based crony corporatists just pooped themselves. This includes all stakeholders: employees, customers, and equity shareholders.

So how do we accomplish this?

Firstly, we need to completely delete the W-2 employee classification! Producers become equity partners of the enterprise giving them access to profit sharing and governance rights. I know, that feeling in your stomach Mr. Greedy Corporation Guy is you actually having to treat your producer partners as equals! Wow, what a novel concept.

The next step is to change how compensation packages are structured. This will require compromise from all stakeholders. For example, Producers must give up on the salary security myth. A salary never has and never will equal financial security. However, if producers will switch to sharing in the business risks via results-based compensation. Then they also get to share in the rewards! It boils down to all stakeholders sharing in the risks and rewards based on the results contributed. Please note I said results contributed not equally! This isn’t a communist or socialist approach. Each stakeholder’s results are measured versus agreed-on job performance metrics and their individual contribution to the profits created by the enterprise. Then rewards are assigned as a ratio of individual results versus entity results ( we use tokenized patronage). This means Mr. Producer you actually get compensated fairly linked directly to your results. No more hoping on a future raise promise. If you want a raise give yourself one by busting your ass! However, please note those who want to emphasize work-life balance can make those decisions since their compensation is tied to results, not time clocked in.

C3 Alliance has developed the #Corp2Coop conversion strategy to facilitate corporations transitioning into an exploitation free enterprise!

We have created the world’s 1st Web 3.0 Cooperative. Our solutions to facilitate tokenized cooperative enterprises deliver on our mission to end global poverty and human exploitation.

If you are a producer tired of being exploited, please visit our producer information page.

If you are a business owner and want to learn more about our #Corp2Coop strategy, please visit our new info site; also check out this article!

If you are an investor and want to learn more about generating tax-free passive income. Check out this article it provides some helpful examples.

For questions, please feel free to contact our team:

Our website is C3Alliance.Co

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