You are currently viewing 5 Tips To Getting A Job In Web3👨🏻‍💻 |  by The Dudes Crypto |  Coinmonks |  Sep 2022

5 Tips To Getting A Job In Web3👨🏻‍💻 | by The Dudes Crypto | Coinmonks | Sep 2022

It’s no wonder why many web2 pro’s, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and complete newbies are entering the web3 space and are making the shift to fully remote work…

Most of the web3 jobs are fully remote, typically have high pay rates, and may have the possibility of a big commission in native tokens… There are many reasons why one might want to work in web3.

In this short “How-To” guide, I’ll walk you through the steps you can take to get a high-paying, fully remote, web3 job.

You can’t go into web3 (or any field) without having a plan.

Do you want to be a coder/programmer/developer, do you want to be a digital artist/graphic designer/animator, or maybe you’d like to be a marketer, community manager, or even specific jobs like a meme lord…

Whatever path you choose, realize it will take time to master the skills necessary to perform your job duties at an optimal rate, just like any other profession.

Devs may have a much higher learning curve than community managers, but will also end up being paid more and will typically be more in demand.

The best way to get more skilled in your chosen profession is to PRACTICE! Just like running, the best way to increase your skills is to run…

If you’re shooting to be a community manager (like I was) and you have no experience leading a community, maybe you can volunteer as a CM for another web3 project to gain some experience/knowledge… start creating your own apps/projects, attending hackathons, networking…

Education is always valued but IRL experience is always more valuable.

Reading books, watching YT videos, and attending online courses/classes, are also good alternatives to gaining experience.

This can’t be stressed enough!!

At the core of web3 is decentralization, social currency, and relationships.

The more “friends” you’ve made IRL and/or online, the better the chances you have to be remembered for an open role when one comes around.

Just like any other field, finding a good-paying, fulfilling, job is no easy task and it always helps to have friends in low places.

Many web3 companies will hire from within. This means they’ll hire people who are already familiar with their ecosystem and have been engaging for a while. So be a part of many communities to expand your options.

Start reaching out, engaging, and becoming friends with any and all web3 “degens” out there. Start building your personal brand across social media(s) and put in the time and effort to make yourself stand out in a crowded market.

I’ve looked over so many resumes when looking to hire individuals for my own projects and I have a few points/tips to help get your resume to stand out from the masses.

You want your resume to be short, concise, and practical.

Get straight to the point. Use verbs such as “delegated”, “organized”, “created”…

Bullet points are good and anything less than one single sentence should be shortened.

Employers are looking at what you’ve done and how those experiences/skills can help advance their business.

Do not include things on your resume that have no relevance. If you’re applying to be a developer, only include tasks/experiences that have to do with developing/computers etc.. Don’t include that you were a brewers assistant for 1 year…

You can also include a small picture of yourself if you like. As well as your name, phone number, email, and all socials you have.

Include at least a few “extras” like; reads a book a week, enjoys traveling, loves working out… to sorta “humanize” yourself

Once you know the job you want, you’re continually gaining experience/knowledge/practice around that topic, as well as networking and building your “personal brand”, and you’ve mastered your 1-page resume + elevator pitch… This is when you should start feeling comfortable applying to jobs.

When I was applying for jobs, I would apply to 15–20 jobs every 2–3 days from websites like:

It may take up to 3mo, or in some cases even longer, to find that job you’ve been seeking… so just be patient and persistent.

You may have tens of phone calls and get 100’s of rejections, and even more “no replies”, before you land that one job.

Remember, it’s HUMANS who do the hiring (still…) and all you have to do is convince the humans you’re interacting with that you’d be a good fit for the company and position.

Although most web3 jobs do pay well, are mostly all remote, and can have many perks… Sometimes the job(s) may only last for a short period of time (weeks, months…).

Web3 isn’t your typical IRL job where you get the job, report to HR, sign up for 401k, and all that corporate world stuff…

You may find some jobs have no contracts with you, may only pay in crypto (however, many do pay in fiat and require you to send them invoices for payment), and may rarely talk with you after the initial hiring process, leaving you to be totally on your own…

It’s really up to you how much effort you want to spend working for someone else, but always, the more you put in, the more you get out.

Last tips… Really understand blockchain technology, the web3 meme culture, the lingo of the degens, and where everyone hangs out. Immerse yourself into the culture.

Good luck finding that dream job in web3!!!



I can’t stress this enough! Be extremely vigilant and aware of every link you click, every transaction you make, and every person you interact with, as scammers are plentiful in the space, and rugs get pulled from even the best-looking of projects.

Triple-check all links before you click them and make sure they’re the official link you’re seeking. Also, triple-check all wallet address’s before sending anything valuable to yourself or someone else.

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