You are currently viewing 3 Exceptional Cryptos to Keep an Eye on in 2022 |  by Sam Maiyaki |  Coinmonks |  Sep 2022

3 Exceptional Cryptos to Keep an Eye on in 2022 | by Sam Maiyaki | Coinmonks | Sep 2022

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Due to its recent surge in popularity, many individuals who invest in developing businesses now consider bitcoin an asset.

of the most widely used tokens saw their value soar to several previously unfathomable heights during the current bull market in digital assets.

Nonetheless, optimism for even the most promising crypto investments has faded as a wave of pessimism has swept over the sector and the broader equities market.

The cryptocurrency market has seen sporadic rallies since it peaked in the second half of 2021, but the overall trend is undoubtedly negative.

Assets, especially higher-risk assets like the biggest and most actively traded cryptocurrencies, have been severely impacted by the Federal Reserve’s attempts to curb inflation by increasing interest rates.

These resources have taken a major beating.

Today, in reaction to the most recent numbers for the consumer price index, we observed a huge reversal of trend in the equities and cryptocurrency markets, which had gotten off to a promising start in September.

With the Federal Reserve meeting coming up the following week, the markets can continue to fall throughout September.

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MarketCap: $11,900,408,222

Position on CMC: #9

Current Price: $33.75

When I think about blockchains that enable smart contracts, the Solana Sol The blockchain is always at the top of my list.

This network employs a novel consensus mechanism that combines proof-of-stake with proof-of-history to stay decentralized.

Solana’s use of this technology has given it enormous speed and cost advantages that are hard to match.

For instance, when given a choice between Solana and Ethereum, many of the industry’s top engineers would go for Solana due to its superior ergonomics.

Tokens that can’t be exchanged for fiat currency are gaining popularity, which bodes well for Solana’s prospects.

Now, investors need to think about more than just how quickly and cheaply something can be done.

However, stability and reliability are also quite important.

The price of the Solana token has dropped as investor confidence in the platform has been severely damaged by a string of network outages over the last two years.

But, speaking from my own experience, I think the present sluggish market is a great time for potential purchasers to check out Solana.

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MarketCap: $192,339,609,892

Position on CMC: #2

Current Price: $1,580.78

Ethereum ETH tops my list of exceptional cryptos to keep an eye on in 2022.

The ingenuity and usefulness of the industry as a whole owe a great deal to this currency.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs), decentralized applications built on smart contracts, and the metaverse are just a few examples of how developers might put Ethereum to good use.

The Ethereum merging will happen sometime next week. With this merging, the Ethereum network will switch to using a proof-of-stake consensus method.

This event can be the most significant catalyst for the bitcoin industry.

On the other hand, the great majority of investors and professionals in the field feel that the merger will benefit the network overall.

This will allow for future improvements to the network’s speed and cost, the latter of which is the most serious issue confronting the high-growth environment at the time.

Ethereum’s pricing pattern closely resembles that of Bitcoin’s.

Accordingly, investors can get in on the first floor of this revolutionary cryptocurrency at a discount and see where the union takes it.

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MarketCap: $140,677,334

Position on CMC: #2

Current Price: $0.004243

Nervos Network CKB is an undiscovered treasure with the potential for several returns.

A return of 1,000% over a horizon of five years can be considered a piece of cake for CKB.

In a nutshell, Nervos Network is a proof-of-work-based multilayer network that also functions as a smart contract platform.

Even though there hasn’t been much of an improvement in the pricing, the project has continued to progress.

For instance, Nervos has just released its own EVM-compatible layer two software.

Moving beyond interoperability toward a universal application is the end goal of Nervos Network, which is the company’s long-term ambition.

The functionality of this will extend across several blockchain ecosystems.

The concept is comparable to a global version of the public network, the internet.

CKB is a utility token that allows projects to store data, carry out operations, and rent space on the Nervos Blockchain.

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As prices have dropped and trading liquidity has dried up, chances to invest in cryptocurrencies have almost vanished.

The crypto winter seems to be more protracted and severe than previously thought.

Smart money is moving into high-quality projects despite the market’s pessimism, and you can get a hold of this knowledge to make the most of your investments.

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