You are currently viewing 2023. Cryptocurrency with a bright future — PLEXUS |  by Michael Gerrard |  Coinmonks |  Dec, 2022

2023. Cryptocurrency with a bright future — PLEXUS | by Michael Gerrard | Coinmonks | Dec, 2022

Hi everyone 🙂

When people ask me what the focus of the DeFi Project will be in 2023, I’d like to introduce this project.

Let me explain!🕵️‍♂️

PLEXUS is a Cross-chain DEX aggregator. It is a next-generation DEX aggregator that guarantees the fastest, the cheapest and the most secure multi step swaps across all blockchain networks and bridges with a single transaction.

PLEXUS connects all blockchains and aggregates the liquidity. Users are now able to connect their wallets and start swapping any tokens across all blockchains instantly.

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  1. Difficulty of exchanging asset across blockchains

Currently, liquidity on the blockchain ecosystem is fragmented in many different mainnets and users need to go through complex steps to swap one token on a blockchain to another token on a different blockchain.

Ex. In order for a user to swap a Polygon ERC-20 token to an Ethereum ERC-20, users have to go through steps below:

1. Exchange token in a Polygon DEX
2. Convert assets through a bridge
3. Exchange token in an Ethereum DEX

2. Different native tokens for gas fee

Ex. In order for a user to change a polygon ERC-20 token to an Ethereum ERC-20, three types of coins are required as follows.

1. Matic at Polygon DEX
2. Wrapped ETH at bridge
3. ETH at Ethereum DEX

3. CEX Problem

Even if you use a centralized exchange, there is a hassle of depositing tokens to an exchange that has gone through KYC, exchanging tokens, and withdrawing them again.

We conducted research and development to solve the UX problem, and developed it PLEXUSa service that can process all tokens on multiple chains with a single TX.

And since PLEXUS supports the ability to pay gas fees for all networks with destination tokens, users can swap between cross-chains without holding a separate gas fee token in their wallet.

PLEXUS enables users to pay gas fee with the destination tokens or PLX tokens.

Pay the gas fee with destination tokens PLEXUS deducts the gas fee from the destination token and gives the remaining to the user.

Pay the gas fee with PLX tokens If a user has PLX tokens in the wallet, he/she can pay the gas fee with PLX tokens.

Through this, users can conveniently exchange all tokens in PLEXUS without accessing and using individual DEX and multiple bridges one by one.

on-chain swap

Users can swap any token on-chain via PLEXUS. PLEXUS enables ERC-20 to ETC-20, ERC-2 to Coin (Native token) and Coin to Coin exchange between chains.

fee payment service

Users can pay gas fees with through PLEXUS without native tokens

Optimized cross-chain swap

Users usually exchange tokens through famous DEXs or Bridges because it is difficult to compare the optimal exchange path for each transaction. PLEXUS supports trading by analyzing the optimal path through multiple paths based on liquidity data collected through the self-developed Theta algorithm.

CCRP (Cross-Chain Routing Protocol) solution

PLEXUS innovatively overcomes the limitations of moving assets between chains through the Theta algorithm-based “CCRP (Cross-Chain Routing Protocol)”. What makes CCRP special is that it enables cross-chain transactions with an optimal exchange path and minimal cost in a single transaction.​

User Experience

Through PLEXUS, users can experience an optimized UX and trade all on-chain tokens through the optimal route without having to go through the complicated KYC process.

  • Name: PLEXUS Token
  • Symbol: PLX
  • Contract address: 0x60b9c9C167bA57cc376b0FaafC68Df5C9882328e
  • Chain: Ethereum

Token distribution

  • Total Supply: 500,000,000 PLX
  • Investors: 16% 80,000,000 PLX (3 months lockup, 12 months distribution)
  • Liquidity: 0.5% 2,500,000 PLX (lockup x)
  • Airdrop: 0.5% 2,500,000 PLX (lockup x)
  • Ecosystem: 10.5% 52,500,000 PLX (36 month distribution)
  • Marketing: 13.5% 67,500,000 PLX (36-month distribution)
  • Protocol contributors (stakers): 30% 150,000,000 (36 month distribution)
  • Advisor: 4% 20,000,000 PLX (7 months lockup, 15 months distribution)
  • Team Amount: 25% 125,000,000 PLX (10 months lock-up, 26 months distribution)

Revenue Structure: 0.05% Swap Fee and Revenue Based on Block Latency

  • staker distribution: 40%
  • Buyback Fund: 40%
  • Commission Treasury: 20%

2023. Q1
Plexus Alpha launch

2023. Q2
Plexus Beta Launch

2023. Q3
Open Plexus API
Plexus Official Launch

2023. Q4
Plexus wallet service open

This was an introduction to PLEXUS.

It is a new project that will launch an alpha service on January 30, 2023, and those who are interested in DeFi may want to pay attention.

This review is not an investment recommendation, and all investments are at your own risk.

Since cryptocurrencies have high price volatility, please invest carefully when investing.

There may be a lack of parts due to mistranslation in the review.

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